Weekend warriors and runners


Benefits of chiropractic care in Charlotte, NC

Those hard care runners were out all winter, and chances are it is the warm weather runners that will need the benefits of Charlotte chiropractic care to avoid or treat their injuries. It will be the same for those who want to get outdoors and get some exercise by walking, cycling, or hiking. Many of these individuals will experience flare ups of old injuries, or develop new injuries from repetitive, high impact activities. Sports such as tennis, soccer, rock climbing, and running; places excessive stress on the feet, ankles, knees, and hips.

Common injuries for runners

For now, the focus is on running, because running injuries are most common. Each step causes a runner to absorb shocking force to every joint in their lower extremities. They strike the ground with tremendous force. Each foot comes into contact with the ground 80 to 100 times per minute. The most common running injuries are:

  1. plantar fasciitis
  2. runner’s knee
  3. shin splints
  4. stress fractures of the foot

These injuries are as preventable as they are common. Charlotte’s top Chiropractors can help you to avoid injury, and to enjoy your running routine.

Start out slowly

It is best to start out by pacing yourself and not doing too much, too fast. Running injuries occur when runners attempt too many miles or overwork their muscles. Your goals should be progressive and attainable. Be careful to include rest days that will allow your body to recover. Warm up and cool down every time you run. Stretching before running is crucial to increase flexibility and range of motion.

Regular chiropractic treatment

Your body is better able to handle the shock of running when it is properly aligned. Physiological conditions, such as flat feet, can cause an imbalance of stress on the body. Charlotte’s best chiropractic doctors can evaluate your posture, address misalignment, and teach you exercises to prevent injury. The initial focus will be on relieving your pain and preventing further injury. Then he or she will concentrate on correcting the cause of your pain. Regular visits and periodic adjustments will help prevent new injuries and help ensure a successful running program

The top Charlotte Chiropractor for running injuries

If you are in search of natural, drug free treatment for running injuries, it is advisable that you see your Charlotte chiropractor so that he or she can check for any injuries or disease process that may hinder your running and walking activities. Patients visit from all over North Carolina, South Carolina, and from as far as Georgia, Florida and Virginia. Their staff and doctors will work hard to provide the best possible information and treatments to help you get back to a normal and pain free lifestyle. If you are injured and you want the benefits of Charlotte chiropractic care that patients have received for so many years; call their office and schedule an appointment today. ChiroCarolina is one of Charlotte’s top chiropractic centers; providing top benefits of Charlotte chiropractic care for the uptown, NoDa, and University area- located conveniently off North Tryon Street