Best Charlotte Chiropractic in Charlotte, NCUniversal and natural

The best Charlotte chiropractic care operates on a very natural principal, the understanding that all of nature is much more interconnected and interdependent than we fully understand. We have learned that the inter-relationships between all living organisms is so sensitive, that any disturbance in the patterns of interdependence can have far-reaching and mostly negative consequences. The question that chiropractic doctors will ask is:

If we understand this complex interdependence between living organisms, why is it hard to accept this principle when it comes to our bodies?

Chiropractors use several different treatment modalities because they understand that one singular chiropractic technique that works for everyone, because not everyone responds the same to care. However, one particular therapy takes advantage of the understanding that our body systems are all interdependent.

Chiropractic adjustment

Spinal adjustment is the most well-known therapy that is offered by chiropractic doctors, but it is also the most misunderstood. Chiropractic care is based upon natural ways to achieve health and healing. Many people are aware that we are born with the ability to fight off infection and disease on our own. However, few understand that the spine and the nervous system is central to our body’s ability to heal itself. This is because our nervous system controls every cell, tissue, and organ in our body.

The rigors of daily life can cause misalignments in the spine. These misalignments press against the spine and causes interference in our nervous system, creating a variety of health problems. Your brain and nervous system works constantly, sending signals regulating every bodily function from cell division to regulating our temperature, to healing complex wounds. Misalignment in the spine places pressure on the nerves, interfering with the signals that the brain is sends to your cells, organs, and systems. If any of the systems in the body develops a problem and you have a misalignment in your spine, the cells do not get the proper message for healing.

How adjustments work

The nerves running through the spine can be agitated or pinched when the spinal joints are misaligned or have abnormal motion. Chiropractic adjustments will restore motion and proper alignment to any trouble areas. Best Charlotte chiropractic doctors have extensive training and continuing education in spinal adjusting. During spinal adjustments, highly skilled chiropractors use their hands or an instrument to mobilize the spine or other joints in the body. Spinal misalignments should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent serious issues such as pinched nerves or to correct inadequate communication between the brain and the nerves. Signs and symptoms of a misalignment include:

  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Pain
  • Limited range of motion

As we mentioned before, your nerves also travel to your organs. Misalignments of the spine may lead to other symptoms such as headaches, acid reflux, constipation, and vertigo. The goal is to properly align your spine to relieve pain and to maximize your body’s ability to heal itself and to regulate normal function.

The best Charlotte chiropractic treatment

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