Best Charlotte Chiropractic in Charlotte, NCChiropractic care for your children

Ever increasing numbers of parents are seeking the best Charlotte chiropractic clinic to provide natural and holistic care for their children. They are beginning to understand that regular chiropractic visits are the most natural way to enhance your child’s health. Most parents are excited to report that their children enjoy a better level of health while receiving routine chiropractic care.

Starting your children early

Perhaps the most common question asked by parents is, “How early do you start a child on chiropractic care?” The short answer is that children will benefit from regular chiropractic care at any age, beginning with infancy. An experienced Charlotte chiropractor can monitor your child’s spine and nervous system from the time they are born on through to his or her formative years. The doctor will monitor the child’s progress as it gains mobility, learns to sit, and takes its first steps. All of these processes can cause stress on a child’s spine and nervous system. Your chiropractor is fully aware that disruptions of a child’s spine and nervous system can be manifest in many ways, especially through colic and sleep disruptions. A Doctor of Best Charlotte chiropractic can diagnose and correct misalignments of the spine, improving your child’s ability to deal with more chronic issues, such as ear infections, allergies, and asthma.

As your child becomes more active, they will engage in childhood activities such as hanging from the monkey bars, jumping off ramps with a bike, skateboarding, or running around the soccer field. These activities are fun and healthy, but they also expose your child to bumps and falls that may cause misalignments in the spine. Children are very resilient. Sometimes, they show no signs of pain or discomfort, nevertheless, the stress on the spine eventually will affect his or her ability to function in the future. Semi-annual or annual visits to a chiropractor, will help you to rest in confidence that your child is growing and developing properly.

Preparing for the first visit

Of course, it is totally natural for your child to be nervous about his or her first visit to the chiropractor. Choosing the right chiropractor is important because he or she will be able to put your child at ease. In such cases, parents report that their children enjoy, and actually look forward to their subsequent visits after the positive first experience. You and your child can expect your chiropractor to perform a painless, yet comprehensive exam, that includes a detailed family health history. The chiropractor will easily determine if any treatments are needed. Procedures are always individually tailored to your child, based upon his or her size, weight, and spinal condition. Again, periodic chiropractic care can help maximize your child’s health and potential.

The best Charlotte chiropractic treatment for children

The doctors at ChiroCarolina™ are experts at the diagnosis and treatment of children of all ages. Patients visit from all over North Carolina, South Carolina, and from as far as Georgia, Florida and Virginia. ChiroCarolina provides numerous treatment modalities to aid in their healing and optimal health. Best Charlotte chiropractic care should be an integral part of parental care. If you have children of any age, call ChiroCarolina™, one of Charlotte’s top chiropractic centers providing top chiropractic care for the uptown, NoDa, and University area, located conveniently off North Tryon Street.