Best chiropractic advice about sleep

Best chiropractic care takes teamwork to get the best results. Your chiropractic doctor will do their best, but you are the one who has to get the proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Sleep is crucial because this is how the body maintains a healthy immune system, balances appetite, repairs muscle, and restores brain function. Unfortunately, life can be hectic, making sufficient rest and sleep hard to come by. Consider our helpful tips for creating a restful environment.

What is white noise?

We are all familiar with the occasional need for quality background noise. Whether it be soothing, relaxing music, the “tick-tock” of a clock, or even the sound of rain. The right background noise can reduce the risk of being woken up by disturbing sounds like jack hammers and road noise. Even if we are asleep, sharp or jarring noises can affect us. Providing your room with a repetitive, consistent sound, may increase your chance of staying asleep.

Turn off the phone

We have come to almost become dependent upon our digital devices, but when it is time to sleep, it’s best to power down all devices. Research reveals that the light given off by your phone may prevent the brain from releasing melatonin, preventing the brain from determining that it’s night. This can mix up our internal clocks. We recommend that about an hour before you go to sleep, shut off your phone and put it in your backpack or purse.

Use the bed for sleep

Once the sun goes down, many people retire to bed, not to sleep, but for a late-night snack, to watch movies, or catch up on homework or emails. When we undertake other activities in bed, we start to associate that space with those activities. Hence, when we lay down at night, your body is physically programmed for activities other than sleep. It is best to sleep in your bed, and nothing else.Eventually, your body and mind will find it easier to relax and go to sleep.

Develop a routine

It is a great habit to create a routine of relaxing activities that will get you relaxed for bed. Take a relaxing bath or shower, meditate or practice relaxation exercises. What is most important is that you avoid stressful or stimulating activities. Eventually, you can train your body to accept a routine that allows it to settle into a familiar sleep schedule.

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