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Whether it’s pain management or other issues, local Charlotte NC chiropractors offer chiropractic care you can count on. Often people associate chiropractors with pain management, but their chiropractors can also help increase overall health. Whether it is for pain relief, or wellness, chiropractic care works best when treatment is consistent. It is also essential that patients visiting a chiropractor follow the treatment plan laid out by their ChiroCarolina® chiropractor. Chiropractors use many tools for pain management If you are visiting a chiropractor for pain, it may be because there is a misalignment of your spine. Unfortunately, these misalignments cause problems because the central nervous system is the center of all bodily functions—including healing. If a patient has any of these misalignments, they can interfere with their nervous system. This can hinder healing and recovery. Many patients find that after having a chiropractor straighten the misalignment they have less pain. Additionally, a chiropractor may use other tools like ultrasounds, hot and cold packs and even x-rays to evaluate the pain and determine the best treatment plan. Chiropractors work with other specialists to relieve pain Sometimes people are nervous about vising a chiropractor because they think it is an alternative to traditional medical care. However, often chiropractors work with other specialists to determine at treatment plan that can reduce a patient’s pain and help increase overall health. Because of the extensive training chiropractors have, they are able to help with pain management and they effectively help patients have relief from pain without medications. And, of course, if there is an issue that a chiropractor does not think they can effectively, or safely treat, they will refer the patient to another doctor. A chiropractor can relieve pain in all areas of the body Whether you are looking to relieve pain in your arm, head or your back, a chiropractor can help. Treatment often depends on the underlying cause. For example, with back pain, specific adjustment is often needed in order to experience pain relief. Alternatively, if a patient is experiencing neck or arm pain, a chiropractor may adjust the spine and use some physiotherapy to help with pain relief. Often the physiotherapy includes traction and neuromuscular electrical stimulation. While the chiropractic adjustments can help restore normal motion, the physiotherapy alleviates muscle spasms and tightness. Chiropractors at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte NC customize a treatment plan to make sure that each patient receives the individual care they need. Often, if someone has frequent headaches, a chiropractor may offer gentle cervical spine manipulation and they may also offer neuromuscular electrical stimulation, myofascial work, and, even physiotherapy. Have you had an accident or head injury, a chiropractor can help relieve pain. The doctors at ChiroCarolina® will provide chiropractic care you can count on by using gentle adjustments to help increase mobility. When chiropractic care is combined with rest to increase healing, injured patients will experience relief. Often a chiropractor will recommend that a patient do some exercise and stretching at home to help quicken recovery—they will give specific guidelines on what to do and how often. ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte NC is chiropractic care you can count on. Contact them today to make an appointment to find out how they can help relieve pain and promote overall health through chiropractic care you can count on!