Chiropractic care experts help you to regain full functionality

Chiropractic care experts in Charlotte NC handle treatment over some time to offer desirable results. Their methods are non-invasive, so they require time before the patient can experience relief or get back their functionality.

Most patients are intentional about making it back to the gym or track as fast as possible. While that may be a positive sign to help with their treatment, it can be frustrating since they have to wait for their chiropractor’s go-ahead before they can do anything. Going back to training when not completely healed can expose one to further injury.

This article explains the various phases of chiropractic care that patients can expect throughout their treatment.

Intensive care

This point involves the intervention measures after the experts can diagnose the problem. The intensive care phase focuses on offering the patients instant relief where possible.

The experts will focus on adjustments to align the spine and make sure the patient’s discomfort has gone down. After the patient is alleviated a huge chunk of the problem, the next phase of treatment can start.

Rehab and strengthening care

At this point, the patient feels better, but they are not yet in a position of full functionality. As a result, chiropractors focus on helping them regain strength through various exercises and massages.

Their main focus is on specific muscle groups and strengthening them to regain functionality. By rehabilitating the spine and taking methodical posture correction approaches, chiropractors help permanently deal with the initial problem. They also help prevent a reoccurrence of the injury again.


Chiropractors do not stop dealing with the patient once the whole problem goes away; they have to follow up with each case. The wellness phase is the final phase of treatment, focusing on preventative care.

The chiropractor will determine the frequency of such care needs depending on age, fitness levels, and activities they perform. By working them out on a case-by-case basis, the chiropractors make sure patients enjoy a restored nervous system and can get back to the gym and sporting activities.

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The phases of chiropractic care focus on getting the patient back to full functionality. For the methods to work, it is necessary to find the best chiropractor. Charlotte’s best chiropractic care expert will formulate a unique treatment plan to get the job done.

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