Chiropractic care for pain relief

Benefits of chiropractic care in Charlotte, NC

Chiropractic care is highly effective for pain relief. Many people only know of chiropractic care as spinal manipulation, but chiropractic care also includesnumerous treatments and therapies including:

  • manual or manipulative therapies
  • rehabilitative and exercise education
  • ergonomic training
  • physical therapy
  • massage therapy
  • diet and nutritional counseling

Chiropractors often work in conjunction with primary care doctors, pain experts, and surgeons to treat patients with acute or chronic pain.

Gentle spinal manipulation

There are volumes of positive research that is focused on spinal manipulation (gentle realignment of the spine) for all kinds of pain. This therapy is the keystone of chiropractic care and is recognized as one of the alternatives to painkillers and drugs.Chiropractic doctors are strenuously trained to treat both the causes and areas of the body that are hampered by pain through spinal manipulation along with heat, massage, and physical therapies.

Chiropractic treatment for musculoskeletal pains

Spinal manipulation is a collective term that is used for any kind of therapeutic movement of the spine. Most commonly, it involves the application of pressure on a joint between two vertebrae of the spine.In addition to the application of spinal manipulation, a chiropractor may advise you about changing your biomechanics and ergonomics and may suggest other treatments and techniques. The initial focus of chiropractic care is to help relieve pain and to help their patients manage their condition without the use of painkillers or invasive surgery.

Massage prepares muscles for chiropractic adjustments

Massage therapy is often recommended by chiropractic doctors because it prepares the soft tissues like muscles, tendons, and ligaments for spinal manipulation by improving circulation and blood flow to these soft tissues, causing them to loosen and relax. To do this, experienced massage therapists apply light, moderate, or deep therapy that also helps alleviate muscle pain and ache, while increasing flexibility. Therapeutic massage improves circulation, decreases muscle tension and promotes increased range of motion. Increasing circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients that stimulate healthy muscle functionand can prevent future injuries. Massage therapists often incorporate stretching, herbal remedies, and aromatherapy into their treatments. The end result is that a therapist’s healing touch will decrease muscle ache associated with spasms, leaving patients feeling rejuvenated.

Chiropractic care you can count on in Charlotte

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