Dr. Ali, a Charlotte NC chiropractor from ChiroCarolina® is scheduled to attend the Cervical Spine Orthopedic Pain Management Seminar at the University of North Carolina. One of the most sought for medical seminar for the year, Dr. Ali is to present and share his knowledge on the subject among fellow chiropractors and orthopedic doctors through a lecture specifically tailored about the subject.   Dr. Ali will be lecturing and sitting on the panel to highlight such developments at ChiroCarolina®. The conference’s goal is to procure collaborative efforts in conservative management of patients with the least side effects at the lowest cost. The seminar is to be held this August and is set be attended by reputable experts in Cervical Spine Orthopedic Pain Management experts all across the U.S.   Chiropractic Care has long been promoted as one of the most effective way to reduce pain among patients suffering from chronic pain in the lumbar and spinal region. Chiropractic manipulation paired with other medical procedures greatly enhances a patient’s positive progress, restoring normal life, in long term. In recent studies, Chiropractic SMT (Spinal Manipulation Techniques) has shown comparable positive results to patients taking pain medications, specifically NSAID’s. NSAID’s have been associated to side effects such as weight loss, nausea and vomiting, through chiropractic care all of these side effects are eradicated and treatment for pain becomes more pleasant to patients.   In the past few years, Chiropractors at ChiroCarolina® including Dr. Ali have earned a reputation as the best in the field of pain management for patients suffering from musculoskeletal chronic pain symptoms in different body regions. ChiroCarolina® uses advance medical technologies to aid patients in recovering from their chronic bodily pains. For more information about this event and to consult a Charlotte chiropractor, and learn more about ChiroCarolina®’s services visit: http://ChiroCarolina®Charlotte.com