slipped disc

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Chiropractic care for a slipped disc gets you healthy again

You can call it a slipped disc, a bulging disc, herniated disc, or any other name you have heard, but if you are in pain because there is something wrong in your spine, call your Charlotte NC chiropractor for an examination. You may have already seen a traditional medical doctor, who advised you to rest, take pain medication, and hope you will not ultimately need surgery to remove your damaged disc. Take heart. Chiropractic care rarely entails restricted movement as a therapy, has nothing to do with drugs or surgery, and enjoys a well-earned reputation for back pain treatments that are more successful than traditional care.

Slipped discs

Between each of the vertebra, or small bones which make up your spinal column, are disc-shaped cushions that keep the bones from rubbing against each other and absorbing shock produced by movement. Discs have a tough, fibrous outer layer, and a gel-like substance in the center. Certain repetitive or incorrect motions, injury, degenerative diseases, and aging can cause the outer layer of the disc to dry out and break down. If deterioration is serious enough, the soft center easily slips out of position, and is said to rupture, or herniate.

Injured disc in your neck

If a disc in your neck bulges backward and to the side, it can press on a nerve root, causing you to feel pain in your shoulder and down your arm. It hurts to turn or tilt your head. Patients report that pain interferes with sleep, and muscle spasms are common. A bulging disc in your neck characteristically produces pain in your arm when nerve roots supplying sensation to particular spots on your arm are irritated by movement or pressure. A sensation of pins and needles in your hands might also accompany a herniated disc in the neck.

Injured disc in your back

When a disc in your spine moves, splits, or ruptures, disc cartilage and nearby tissue are damaged, too. The leaking inner gel portion of the injured disc escapes into surrounding tissue, where it can put pressure on your spinal cord or on an adjacent nerve.  Many people with a bulging disc feel symptoms of pain, numbness, or weakness, either around the damaged disk or within the specific area supplied by the irritated nerve; others, though, experience few symptoms from a herniated disk.

Chiropractic care for slipped disc injury

After a comprehensive medical examination and history, your Charlotte chiropractor will design a treatment plan for your needs, with a goal toward relieving your pain and restoring you to full function. The experts at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte NC are happy to explain the importance of following your treatment plan through to the very end, to support the healing process and help avoid recurrent pain or disability. Your personalized chiropractic back pain treatment will likely entail a series of gentle spinal adjustments to open up the space around spinal nerves, and electrical stimulation to relieve your symptoms of pain; it may also include physiotherapy and certain exercises to build supporting muscle.

Call your Charlotte chiropractor for treatment of your slipped disc, and reap the benefits of chiropractic care for years to come. When your spine is in peak working order, it seems that every part of your body is working at full function, too. If you have suffered a herniated disc, chiropractic care can help. Take heart, and take charge of your health. Call ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte for treatment of slipped disc.