herniated disc and chiropractic care

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Charlotte chiropractor helps with herniated disc and your pain

If you suffer pain from a herniated disc, discover the healing relationship between a herniated disc and chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is widely recognized for effective back pain treatment, and holistic chiropractic treatment modalities for a bulging disc are an excellent example of its effectiveness.

Philosophy of chiropractic care

Chiropractic care recognizes the amazing abilities of the human body to heal itself when provided with appropriate conditions. Chiropractic treatment is designed to make certain adjustments, or corrections, to physical circumstances which inhibit healing. For instance, in the case of a herniated or bulging disc, pain resulting from impingement on spinal nerves by the disc will continue until the cause of the pain is corrected. Thus, the herniation of the disc must be allowed to shrink, or heal; this is often accomplished by spinal adjustment or manipulation which takes pressure off the affected nerves and sufficiently increases the space around the disc herniation so that the disc can heal itself.

Herniated disc

Discs are small circular cushions between the bones in the spine, also called vertebrae. The discs are compressible, and act as cushions for the vertebrae. A herniated disc happens when a portion of the disc bulges from its proper position. This is most common in the lower spine. Disc herniation happens most often in the lower spine, where discs sometimes lose some of their cushioning ability because of decreased water content. If they become too flat or too weak, the outer part may tear. The inside part of the disc may then push through the tear. Not only do nerve fibers on the surface of the disc create pain, the bulge can put pressure on the nerves next to the disc.

Herniated disc symptoms

The main symptom of a bulging disc is pain. How severe the pain is depends on which disc is herniated, and how large the bulge is. Sharp pain may spread over the buttocks and down the back of your thigh and into your calf, in one or both legs. Numbness, tingling, or weakness in legs, feet, or arms is also common signs of a herniated disc. In severe cases, you may not be able to turn or straighten your neck without severe pain, and you cannot find a comfortable position standing, sitting, or even lying down.

Causes and prevention of bulging disc

Your chances of developing a herniated disc are greater if you are between the ages of 30 and 40; if you have suffered a trauma from a fall, accident or a sudden twisting motion; if you work at certain jobs which require repeated or sudden lifting; if you otherwise strain your back. To help reduce your chances of getting a herniated disc, take the following steps: Practice good posture and safe lifting practices, and wear sensible shoes. Exercise regularly, strengthening your back and stomach muscles, and maintain a healthy weight. If you sit for long periods of time, use a stool to bring your knees above your hips. Taking reasonable care of your spine can help you avoid the need for back pain treatment.

Back pain treatment

Traditional back pain treatments typically include pain medication, muscle relaxants and bed rest, sometimes followed up with physical therapy and massage, steroid injections, and as a last resort, surgery. When an initial connection between herniated disc and chiropractic care is created, your Charlotte chiropractor will manually relax your neck and back muscles to decrease pain, offer traction to relieve pressure on your spine, and help you to regain function in the affected spine; these chiropractic back pain treatments can decrease pain and promote healing. Your Charlotte chiropractor may also give you exercises to improve strength and mobility, and hot or cold pack to further reduce pain and muscle spasms.

If you have been diagnosed with a herniated disc, see for yourself the restorative relationship between a herniated disc and chiropractic care. Call the caring Charlotte Chiropractors at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte NC, and move toward effective back pain treatment that restores function and comfort without the use of medications or surgery. Chiropractic care is a health-giving and restorative means to achieving and maintaining health and well-being. Take the herniated disc and chiropractic care connection to greater health, today!