Here is another interesting case that walked into ChiroCarolina®:

A 46 year old white male patient presents to the office with a two week recent onset of 6 out of 10 right sided mid back pain with radiating symptoms into his right/left scapulae and right flank region. He has no history of trauma to his mid back, but does report that approximately 6 years ago he suffered disc bulges and herniations at T6, T7, and T8 disc levels after an episode of lifting weights and progressive 9 out of 10 mid back pain and numbness across his shoulder blades. He did go on for evaluation and subsequent treatment with his orthopedic, which relieved the symptomatology to a 2 out of 10 VRS pain with medication and physical therapy. This regiment of therapy lasted a period of 10 weeks.

The patient does report that since this onset he has dealt with off/on mid back pain and at times numbness/tingling between his shoulder blades. He has attempted to manage the pain with over the counter medication and routine stretching, however it is beginning to affect his work as an anesthesiologist and sleep. He feels that the discomfort is getting progressively worse and limits his physical activity including being in the gym. He in the past two weeks has been unable to stand for longer than an hour, cannot work out, has had to leave his practice early on several occasions, and has significant discomfort while sleeping.

Upon evaluation in our clinic the patient appeared to be in perfect physical shape and had an unremarkable health history aside from his mid thoracic disc bulges/herniations in the past. The diagnosis was confirmed after examination and review of Thoracic X-Rays. The patient was prescribed a regimen of gentle corrective spinal manipulation to his mid thoracic spine, rehabilitative therapy in the form of ice packs & premodulated muscle stimulation, myofacial active release, and thoracic spine traction decompression therapy. After three visits the patient demonstrated significant improvement of pain with no radiating symptoms, 0 out of 10 VRS pain.

After the third treatment of adjustments, therapy, and active stretching of the respective muscles, the patient demonstrated 0 out of 10 pain and was released to a will call status. He currently works out 3-4 times a week with no restrictions, and keeps up a regular regimen of stretching his mid-low back after his exercises. He was advised to coordinate adjustments in our clinic whenever his discomfort reappears or flares up, especially if his stretches do not relieve the symptoms. Remarkable how a brief course of conservative care even after such a serious injury  occurred could resolve such debilitating pain.

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Charlotte, North Carolina