Talk with your Charlotte chiropractor about the comprehensive benefits of chiropractic care the next time you go in for a pain-relieving adjustment. For many patients, the most important reasons for choosing a Charlotte chiropractor are the drug free treatments for their pain and the holistic approach to helping their bodies heal themselves. Many neck and back pain issues are caused by spine misalignments or structural weaknesses, and can be corrected by chiropractic care.  With a properly functioning spine, you can be restored to an active life, free from pain. Talk with your Charlotte chiropractor to discuss how and why chiropractic methods of relieving your pain and achieving better spinal balance contribute so effectively to overall health.

The philosophy of drug-free treatment is why many patients turn to chiropractic care for management of both chronic and acute pain. Just as importantly, they know that chiropractic care also involves helping the body heal itself by correcting spinal misalignments or structural deficiencies which interfere with normal function, which leads to pain. Realigning your spine can restore mobile, pain-free movement, thereby allowing your body to stay healthy and active.  If you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, headaches, or were injured in an auto accident, you may want to talk with your Charlotte chiropractor at ChiroCarolina® about care you can count on.

Chiropractic care for neck pain

Neck pain is a common reason for choosing a Charlotte chiropractor for pain relief, but some people are a little leery about having a neck adjustment. Fair enough. For many people, anticipating chiropractic care has them picturing a crunching twist of the neck! Not to worry. Your caring Charlotte chiropractor may need to make an adjustment on your neck, but rest assured that it will not hurt. Typical chiropractic care for neck pain includes gentle manipulation, slow joint movements, and mild traction, all of which combine to lessen your pain and improve mobility of your spinal structures.

Charlotte chiropractors have got your back covered

Depending on the nature of spinal imbalance or injury, pain may be sharp or a dull ache, often times with pain radiating into the shoulder, arm, hand, or leg. Vertebrae can become misaligned or damaged by poor posture, accidents or falls, or by overuse, any of which can force your muscles and tendons to be stretched too far, causing pain and discomfort all along your spine. Stretched or damaged muscles and tendons can also force segments of your spine out of place, putting pressure on spinal nerves and causing pain to travel into your extremities.

Talk with your Charlotte chiropractor to find out how you can build core strength around your spinal column to protect it from injury. For information on chiropractic care and more about ChiroCarolina®, visit ChiroCarolina® today. Find out how choosing a Charlotte chiropractor can improve your quality of life with better nutrition, safer and more effective exercises, and drug free pain management. Talk with the doctors at ChiroCarolina®. Talk with your Charlotte chiropractor.