Slipped DiscIt just slips up on you

Slipped disc, also known as bulging disc, is one of the most common forms of spinal injury. It is difficult to tell how many people suffer from this condition because in nearly every instance, a person with a bulging disc may be completely unaware that something is wrong until the disc presses on a nerve in the spinal column. Depending on the part of the spine where this occurs, a slipped disc can cause excruciating pain, weakness in the extremities, and loss of range of motion.

Explaining slipped disc

Discs are the round, disc-shaped rings of cartilage and fluids that rest between the vertebrae, which are designed to keep them from grinding against each other when the spine bends and moves. When a disc degenerates because of age, injury, or disease, part of the disc will protrude past the edge of the vertebra, similar to the way a gummy bear will bulge when squeezed between your thumb and forefinger. When the bulging disc presses on a nerve, pain, weakness, and numbness is usually the result.

Treatment with chiropractic care

Chiropractic care includes gentle and natural treatments that forego the use of drug therapy and surgery. This makes it an attractive alternative treatment option for patients who suffer from back pain. Chiropractic care is based on the concept that vertebral subluxation, which means dislocations of the vertebrae, is responsible for back pain and for many other disturbances in the health and wellness of individuals. A chiropractor uses gentle manipulation techniques to try to correct subluxation and restore optimal health to the patient. The treatment sessions are called “adjustments,” and they are only part of a holistic approach that is accompanied with coaching on lifestyle, dietary habits, exercise, and other concepts.

What to expect with chiropractic back pain treatment

Before treatment begins, the chiropractor will ask several questions to get your full medical history. He or she will collect vital signs, perform tests for reflexes, posture, as well as other physical indicators. There will also be an x-ray or MRI ordered for analysis and diagnosis. If necessary, additional tests could be given to confirm the diagnosis. All of this is painless and non-invasive. If the chiropractor determines that chiropractic treatment is not advised, the chiropractor will refer you to a more appropriate source of treatment.

Gentle chiropractic treatment for slipped discs in Charlotte

If you are suffering from lower back pain or a possible slipped disc and are searching for pain free and drug free treatment, consider ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte, NC. The primary course of treatment for disc injuries is gentle spinal manipulation along with pain free neuromuscular electrical stimulation. The doctors at ChiroCarolina® will also use physiotherapy and rehabilitative exercise to return you to pre-injury health. Call the office today to schedule a consultation and evaluation for slipped disc treatment.