The best chiropractic clinic in Charlotte ensures a great treatment experience

The best chiropractic clinic in Charlotte uses a holistic approach to treat patients with chronic and acute conditions. Most patients with back and neck pains prefer the holistic treatment style to aid with more effective recovery. The treatment method has a direct impact on the emotional and physical well-being of a patient.

So, what treatment techniques does a top chiropractic clinic in Charlotte offer? Well, It depends on the condition, but there are three common methods that they apply to treat back pain, among other problems.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is the most common treatment technique used to handle mild cases. Manual therapy involves chiropractic adjustments done on a traction table by specialists.

Back and neck pains resulting from alignment issues can be sorted using manual therapy. Issues with the joints are also sorted through professional stretching and mobilizing to eliminate pain in the area.

Soft tissue therapy

Some patient conditions demand a more in-depth approach to relieve pain and stress in the muscle area. Soft tissue therapy is among the ways that a chiropractor addresses such issues.

The whole process involves activities including:

  • Heat application – relieve pain and promote flexibility
  • Cold application – prevent inflammation and relieve swelling
  • Use of cutting-edge treatments like cold lasers alongside stretches and physical therapy

Soft tissue therapy is often used in the initial treatment stages for patients with severe conditions. It is used alongside physical therapy to ensure a quick recovery.

Exercise and self-management

This form of therapy entails using regular exercises to increase the chances of recovery. Chiropractors recommend a range of exercises to help rehabilitate injuries.

The patient will initially do most of the exercises with the help of the chiropractor during the appointments. They can allow self-management in the later stages of recovery to improve the body’s function and form.

Chiropractic diagnosis equipment

The best chiropractic clinic has state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the right treatment. To evaluate areas of interest in the treatment process so they can focus on delivering the best care. Chiropractic diagnosis equipment help with this to ensure that they know exactly what to do.

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Chiropractic care helps improve the physical well-being of the patient and their emotional wellness as well. The best chiropractic clinic in Charlotte offers holistic treatment for faster recovery. Their proven methods make the chiropractor clinic ideal for patient care.

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