A chiropractic clinic can help you treat worsening knee pain

Charlotte’s best chiropractic clinic can help you comfortably deal with worsening knee pain. People from various walks of life might experience knee discomfort, which is a common condition. An injury, such as a torn cartilage or burst ligament, a medical condition, or both may be to blame for the discomfort. Most of the time, easy DIY cures or self-care techniques work effectively for minor knee pain.

Physical therapy and knee braces can both ease knee pain. Surgery may be necessary to heal the damage if knee discomfort is severe. Knowing the remedies for worsening knee pain is crucial.

Knee pain explained

There are numerous potential causes of knee pain. It may only affect a particular area of the knee or it may spread over the entire knee. Physical limitations or challenges with immobility are frequently present along with the discomfort. An accurate diagnosis of knee discomfort can be made with the use of a thorough physical examination. The prognosis for the ailment is typically favorable, however, treatment is typically dependent on the underlying reason.


Knee discomfort can result from a variety of problems, including mechanical abnormalities, illnesses, and injuries. Fractures, ACL tears, knee bursitis, meniscus tears, and patellar tendinitis are among the common knee injuries.

Iliotibial band syndrome, a dislocated kneecap, a loose body, and foot or hip discomfort are examples of mechanical abnormalities that cause knee pain. Osteoarthritis, septic arthritis, gout, and rheumatoid arthritis are among the illnesses that can cause knee pain.


According to the reason and location, knee pain frequently varies in intensity. The symptoms of knee pain are numerous frequently. They consist of:

  • Edema and stiffness.
  • Touchable warmth and redness.
  • A weakened or unstable knee.
  • Difficulty bending or straightening the knee.
  • Knee makes a popping or crunching noise.

You must seek emergency medical attention if you develop excruciating pain, noticeable swelling, or fever. If therapy is not received, the symptoms could develop worse and make it impossible to walk.


Rest, knee lifts, ice, heat, and compression clothing are among the self-care techniques that ease knee pain. Depending on the cause, there are several treatments for worsening knee pain, including prescription drugs, physical therapy, injections, and surgery. Knee discomfort can benefit from long-term relief from chiropractic care. Before developing the most effective treatment strategy, a chiropractor will examine the knee to identify the underlying problem. Treatment with a chiropractor may lessen the need for intrusive intervention.

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Knee pain can be uncomfortable and affect your quality of life. Working with the best chiropractic clinic experts in Charlotte NC can help you enjoy amazing results.

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