charlotte headachesThe reasons for Charlotte headaches

An ever increasing number of individuals are seeking chiropractic care for Charlotte headaches. There are a number of factors and causes for headaches, such as misalignment of the jaw, stress, and misalignment of the neck or spine. When the bones of the spine become misaligned, this is called subluxation. The bones of the spine lose their normal motion, placing unnatural pressure on sensitive nerves and blood vessels that connect to the head. When the nerves and soft tissues are inflamed, they can produce headaches that are moderate to severe. The nerves of the neck, face, and jaw are so close in proximity that the pain of the neck or jaw easily radiates into the face or eyes.

Various causes for Charlotte headaches

There are different reasons that the bones of the spine become misaligned, but the most common reason is trauma. The trauma could be the result of automobile accidents, contact sports, or falls. The spine can become misaligned after years of poor posture, constant muscle tension, food allergy, and surprisingly, rebound headaches from pain medication. Severe head pain can make it difficult to think or function. Over the counter pain medications and prescription drugs might cover up the symptoms for a short time, but they do not really treat the cause of chronic and acute headaches.

Chiropractic care for headaches

If you suffer from chronic or acute headaches, you should consider a thorough examination by a chiropractor who is an expert in treating chronic headache and head pain. The first thing that Charlotte’s top chiropractor will do is rule out very serious neurological reasons for your headache. The first goal of the chiropractor is to relieve the pain of headache.

The chiropractor will perform a complete examination, including collecting a comprehensive patient history. The examination will also include x-rays and other imaging if necessary. After eliminating the pain, the goal is to restore proper alignment of the spine and posture to help the body with its healing cycle. After improving the condition of the patient, the chiropractic doctor may recommend exercises and stretching routines to help prevent future problems.

The best chiropractic care for Charlotte headaches

Studies have shown that the best Charlotte chiropractic care is a completely safe and natural way to reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches without the use of drugs or over the counter medication. Top chiropractors in Charlotte use gentle, low-force techniques combined with a number of other treatment modalities like massage therapy, lifestyle coaching, and physical therapy to help reduce the pain and inflammation to the affected areas. Take the time to improve your quality of life. Call the office of the top chiropractors in Charlotte, NC, at ChiroCarolina®. You are sure to experience successful treatment for Charlotte headaches.


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