Charlotte’s best chiropractor can help first-time patients make the most of their visit

Charlotte’s best chiropractor can diagnose and treat a whole range of issues from headaches to sciatica. If you have decided to overcome pain and increase motion, scheduling your first appointment is a great place to start. Still, the first step into a hospital can be intimidating. We look at what to expect during your first appointment to minimize anxiety and nervousness.

The initial consultation

You will meet your chiropractor in a treatment room. The practitioner will ask a number of questions concerning your symptoms and health history. It’s important to be well-informed prior to the appointment to maximize the visit. For instance, the cause of your symptoms can either be acute or chronic. Acute causes include an auto accident, while chronic causes could range from ongoing migraines to bursitis.

Based on your condition and symptoms, your chiropractor may perform the following tests:

  1. Walking examination

It incorporates walking back and forth severally to help your chiropractor establish whether you have a problem with your legs, pelvis, or spine.

  1. Flexibility test

Your chiropractor will test your flexibility and mobility through stretches, bending, and other movements.

  1. Measurement of the legs

In some cases, one leg may be shorter than the other. It usually indicates various potential issues like a poorly aligned pelvis.

  1. Straight leg raise examination

You will be expected to lie down as your chiropractor asks you to lift your leg in the air while keeping the knee straight. It points out any issues with the sciatic nerves and leg muscles.

  1. Medical tests

The practitioner may recommend different medical tests, such as blood work and urinalysis.

Establishing a treatment plan

After the assessment, you and your chiropractor will discuss the best treatment plan for your condition and circumstances. The plan will consider your age, overall health, injury or illness, the cause of the injury or illness, and your unique needs.

The plan includes chiropractic adjustments, usually performed in the chiropractor’s office. The adjustments are safe and effective treatments that alleviate pain and discomfort in people of all ages.

Apart from in-patient treatments, the chiropractor will also recommend exercises to be performed at home with instructions on how to prevent re-injury. They may also provide a healthy living guide to help maintain your weight while staying active.

The first adjustment

Once the chiropractor is satisfied with the provided information and tests, you can experience your first adjustment. The goal of adjustments is to realign the spine, which can be the cause of a patient’s condition, pain, or illness.

The adjustment can be conducted as you stand or lie down per the instructions of the practitioner. Remember, positioning is crucial during any adjustment to allow for proper treatment. Positions include lying facing down on the adjustment table or propping up on the cushions.

Lastly, the professional will utilize their hands or a special instrument to exert quick and directed pressure on a particular joint or area around the neck or back. Some patients hear a pop, while others experience slight discomfort during the procedure. You can relax for a few minutes before taking up your daily activities afterward. It’s also normal to feel slightly sore or have a mild headache after a few hours. But with rest and plenty of water, it should go away on its own. Additionally, remember to keep moving while concentrating on low-impact activities such as walking.

Work with Charlotte’s best chiropractor: Dr. Ferzaan Ali

Knowing what to expect during your first appointment can enhance your experience. Work with Charlotte’s best chiropractor to get top-notch treatment tailored to your condition, needs, and circumstances. ChiroCarolina® is among Charlotte’s trusted Chiropractic clinics, popular for its outstanding chiropractic care. We serve Uptown Charlotte, NoDa, and UNCC college areas with our convenient location on North Tryon Street. We are visited by patients throughout the south: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, and Texas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.