A chiropractor helps new moms maintain the right posture

The most experienced chiropractor in Charlotte understands the plight of moms since they have to lift and carry their babies often. Frequent lifting of the baby’s weight can cause ailment and pain due to repetitive stress on different body areas.

Pain in new moms often results from posture problems due to repetitive motions during parenting duties. They end up with neck, back, shoulder, and joint pain. You need to be mindful when doing parenting duties to prevent the pain. Here are some areas to apply posture tips that chiropractors recommend.

Picking the child from the floor

Most parents will maintain poor posture when picking their child from the floor, which can cause a huge strain on the neck and back. It would be smarter to bend your knees instead of bending. The additional weight of the child will be evenly distributed in your body, alleviating stress in most areas.

Your spine and neck will remain well intact. If the child is heavy, you will also lift them with ease. You also avoid risking your spinal facet displacement, which can cause pain in the nerves.

Toting and rocking the child

A common duty that places stress on your back is when toting or rocking the child. The child’s body weight can cause stress on your back and shoulders when carrying them. You should instead consider holding them close to your body and balancing them. This motion alleviates stress on the body, preventing the development of any possible pains.

Transporting the baby car seat

The car seat can sometimes seem like a no-brainer to carry around, but the additional weight can result in stress on the back and hands. You should never use your forearms or carry the car seat on your side to transport the carrier.

You can try holding the seat using both hands and keep the elbow bent. Also, keep the carrier close to your body to make sure the weight is well distributed on all muscles. This avoids problems with the posture that can otherwise cause pain.

Getting the baby from its crib

Maintaining proper posture when getting your child from their crib results in stress on your back. You should lower the crib railing to the lowest position, allowing you to keep your back arched and lift the legs in the best way.

The most experienced chiropractor in Charlotte North Carolina

As a new mom, back and neck pain can happen often, so you should seek expert help. The best charlotte chiropractor deals with the pain, allowing you to manage parental duties comfortably.

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