Chiropractor discusses the signs you need chiropractic care

A chiropractor in Charlotte NC handles various conditions relating to the body’s structure. Most of their services focus on improving function and relieving pain. Their treatment involves spine or bone adjustment without drugs or surgery.

Wondering when you should visit a chiropractor? Read on to learn some of the conditions that chiropractors in Charlotte, NC treat.

Neck pain

Do you often experience neck sprains or stiffness? If so, it might be time to visit a chiropractor. Neck sprains are uncomfortable, and chiropractors treat them through neck manipulations and adjustment.

Common causes of neck pain include whiplash after an accident and poor posture. The pain is mostly due to a structure misalignment, which the chiropractor can treat. Through chiropractic adjustments and exercises, you can eliminate neck sprains and stiffness.

Low back pain

Lower back pain results from an injury or disease that affects a muscle ligament or the spine. Poor posture and lack of exercise can also cause low back pain. Chiropractors examine the cause of the low back pain and find the right treatment solution for your problem.

In cases where you might have a slipped vertebral disc, chiropractic adjustments can suffice. They also recommend exercises and lifestyle changes to prevent the problem from reoccurring.


Common types of headaches are migraines and tension headaches. Most of the headaches originate from stress on the back and neck muscles. Chiropractic care focuses on relieving these stress areas to solve the headache problem.

The effect of chiropractic treatment is to reduce the frequency of migraine occurrence. The chiropractor can advise on avoiding triggers and stress that cause headaches.

Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is often overlooked but is one of the signs that you should visit a chiropractor. A stiff and painful shoulder can be unsettling, so you should seek the right chiropractic care.

Shoulder pains result from lifting heavy objects, injury, or muscle dislocation. Chiropractors stretch the shoulder muscles for proper alignment. Their care offsets the shoulder pain and allows more movement in the shoulder area.

Knee joint pain

Wear and tear on the knee joint can cause excruciating pain, but a chiropractor can help. Such a condition is common, and chiropractors treat it through knee adjustments. The treatment works better along with the knee exercises they recommend. Patients experience less pain and better movement after several weeks of treatment.

Visit a Charlotte chiropractor for the above conditions

Any of the above conditions can distract the patients from their daily duties, but chiropractors can help. Chiropractic care offers patients long-lasting relief by using non-invasive treatment. Reach out to ChiroCarolina® for “Care You Can Count On.”

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