Top chiropractor links your feet and back pain

A chiropractor in Charlotte NC is no stranger to treating patients who are experiencing back pain. Sometimes the cause of the pain can be apparent, such as bending the wrong way or a sports injury. However, for other instances, the reason can be surprising, such as when the reason for your back pain turns out to be your feet.

When walking, you can put as much as five times the force of your body weight on each of your feet. If your feet do not redistribute or absorb that shock properly, your body can develop problems in other areas.

The connection between your back pain and your feet may not seem obvious right away. But there is more than one way that your back pain can be linked to your feet.

Biomechanical issues

Biomechanical issues can sometimes be the cause of your back pain. This can be because you have one leg that is longer than the other, or you have a bad posture.

You may also have flat feet. This is a disorder that can cause your knees and thighs to turn inward, which can result in an exaggerated curvature of your lower spine. This posture can put more stress on your knees and hips over time and result in back pain.

Pronation issues

Pronation refers to an inward movement of your foot, which can cause flat feet and collapsed arches when you walk, stand, or run. There should be some mild pronation with running and walking, and it is a motion that is necessary to allow for the dynamic action of your ankle and foot to reduce the impacts on your body that comes with running and walking. Problems with your back can arise when there is over-pronation or excessive or hyper-pronation.

The disproportionate inward motion of your foot that is seen with hyper-pronation causes your leg to turn inward, which can affect your hip, knees, and lower back posture. This can become compounded when excessive foot pronation happens in just one foot since when that foot pronates, it will shorten the effective length of that leg.

Under pronation is the opposite of hyper-pronation. When under pronation occurs, your feet begin to turn outwards when you walk or run. This can result in your hips and spine coming out of alignment, which can cause lower back pain.

Top chiropractor in Charlotte makes recommendations

Your chiropractor may recommend reflexology as a method to affect parts of your spine that you can’t reach on your own. By stimulating the proper reflex area on the inside of your feet, you can soothe certain areas along your spine and relax your whole body.

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