Dec. 13, 2012 – In a consumer report conducted on some 12,000 patients who suffered from back pain and got treatment rated chiropractic care higher compared to other medical treatments they got. According to the same reports fifty-eight percent of the patients who got surveyed rated treatments led by chiropractors higher in terms of the treatment and the relief they have experienced for back pain compared to the individuals who opted for massage (48%) and physical therapy (46%). The study also revealed that 59% of the patients who got chiropractic care treatments are very satisfied with the treatment and care they experienced from their chiropractors while patients who opted for medical treatments are only 39% satisfied. Charlotte Chiropractors, especially the chiropractors at ChiroCarolina® are happy with what the result of the consumer reports.

ChiroCarolina® has long been cited as one of the best chiropractic care office in North Carolina. They believe that chiropractic care must revolve around holistic care for better success. With this said, the Charlotte Chiropractors in the said chiropractic clinic continue to engage in seminars, studies and further research to improve the services they offer for patients suffering from back pain, neck pain and other muskuloskelatal anomalies.


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