Dr. Ferzaan Ali of ChiroCarolina®Chiropractic tips for gardeners

strains and sore musclesIt is time to review some of the best Charlotte chiropractor tips for summer gardeners. Chiropractors seem to see gardeners during two common periods; in the spring when they are first starting their gardens, and during the middle of summer when the gardens are in full swing and the days are longest. Passionate gardeners get a great sense of accomplishment from their labor. Yet, the long hours spent working in the yard and garden can take its toll, resulting in . Pulling weeds, hulling mulch, pushing wheelbarrows, and twisting to prune or harvest can cause significant pain. The following are are some simple steps to help you to avoid injuries and to enjoy good health along with your garden.

Avoid long periods in one position

Gardeners do not like to waste time, especially when it comes to weeding. You want to get to work attacking row after row until every weed has been eliminated. However, it is important to take short breaks in order to straighten up from a bent over position at least every five to ten minutes. This is crucial if you hope to protect your back from becoming strained. The bones and connective tissues in your spine are flexible enough to withstand working in an over-stretched position, but your body also has its breaking point. It is important that you stop frequently to stretch your lower back, and let some of your supporting muscles relax.

Keep your work close to your body

One of the best strategies for avoiding muscle strain is to keep whatever you are working on, close to your body. This will help you to work more efficiently and to conserve energy. Just remember that if you are doing something above shoulder height use a ladder; and if you are working below your waist you should use something to sit on.

Drink plenty of water

This time of year, the sun is higher in the sky, and the temperatures are much warmer. It is important that you start drinking water before you ever get thirsty. Drinking water will keep your muscles and ligaments hydrated. Consequently, they will be less susceptible to get injury or cramps.

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