Chiropractor tips for the Charlotte holidays

Chiropractors and patients alike, love this time of year. In fact, it seems like this year just flew by, and here we are, once again looking forward to celebrating family, friends, and holiday cheer. Hoping not to dampen the mood, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we did not remind everyone that overindulgence or lack of planning can leave negative effects on your health and wellness. Read on to discover our healthful tips to help you enjoy a happy holiday season.

When more than presents are wrapped

This time of year, it’s not only presents that get wrapped. We all can get so wrapped up in the festivities that we can spend 60 to 90 days neglecting our health. Common health issues that are prevalent during the holiday season includes overeating (especially too much sugar), yielding to stress, forgoing exercise, drinking too much alcohol, and failing to protect ourselves against colds and the flu.

Tips to avoid overindulgence during the holiday season

  • While meats and sweets are plenty… try to eat as many green vegetables as possible.
  • To counteract overeating, try to eat a light and healthy snack before dinners and parties.
  • Continue to start your days with low-impact exercise.
  • Get out of bed early to set aside quiet time for yourself.
  • Make your health a priority.
  • Limit your alcohol intake.

A great time for an adjustment

It might seem like adding stress to schedule a chiropractic visit during the holiday season, but a consultation and chiropractic adjustment may just be what you need to help you feel your best, relieve pain, and manage stress during the holidays, making them that much more cheerful. Before you take on the task of holiday travel; an adjustment can help you feel better during long car rides or uncomfortable flights. You will rest easier in an unfamiliar bed, giving you the best chance to be your joyful self. Once the holidays are over, if the hustle and bustle has taken a toll on you, chiropractic care can provide get you back on track.

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