Charlotte Chiropractors Dr. Saario and Dr. Ali attended the Chiropractic Association State Conference held at the Grand Resort in North Carolina on October 5 to 7 for continuing education in the chiropractic field. With at least 750 attendees from different states, the said conference is one of the biggest gathering this year in the chiropractic field. The conference centered on the advancements in different facets in the chiropractic field which include research and developments. Different areas of chiropractic care and management were also discusses to improve each and everyone’s knowledge. ChiroCarolina® and its staff are dedicated to giving the best chiropractic services among their patients and continuing education is another way to enhance their knowledge and techniques. With thousands of patients annually, ChiroCarolina® has truly become a pillar in the industry for many years. Dr. Saario and Dr. Ali are just two of the resident chiropractors in the same clinic. ChiroCarolina®’s services range from spinal manipulation to improve conditions such as whiplash, chronic migraines and back pain. Innovative techniques are also applied on patients with special conditions to improve over all health. ChiroCarolina® only uses the state of the art techniques which are proven and effective on pain management. Advanced equipments are also used to improve patients conditions in holistic manner. For more information about ChiroCarolina® and the services they offer please visit


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