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At least four out of five adults in the Charlotte area will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. There are a myriad of reasons and causes for low back pain, but fortunately, there is one consistent remedy, and that is chiropractic care and treatment. Charlotte is not unique when it comes to back pain, it is commonly reported that over 30 million Americans suffer with low back pain at any given time. Although many people consider back pain to be a common occurrence in life, whether it is caused by injury or as a natural part of aging; one third of all adults will experience a back problem so severe that they will be forced to seek professional help. The majority of these back pain patients will not have experienced any accidents or major injuries prior to their back pain problem. The leading cause of low back pain is the cumulative effect of improper posture, repetitive work movement, improper lifting technique, or lack of proper exercise. These factors all cause undue stress on the spine, causing misalignment, damage to the supporting tissues of the spine, and eventually chronic pain. This cumulative affect can have your spine so weakened and compromised, that one could injure their back by just bending over to pick up a piece of paper. This occurs when the surrounding back muscles go into spasm to protect the stressed or injured tissues of the back.

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A recent study compared the results of those who received chiropractic care versus those who did not. The study revealed that those who received chiropractic treatment not only experienced successful therapies, they also experienced decreased costs for treating their low back pain by 28%. Patients of chiropractic care also decreased their chance of needing back surgery by 32%. The study also revealed that 95% of chiropractic patients are satisfied with the care that they receive. Chiropractic care is not only effective treatment for low back pain; it is the only method of treatment that seeks to re-establish normal motion and position in the spine. The top chiropractors in Charlotte understand that correcting misaligned vertebrae can relieve the pressure that has been placed on the nerve endings, reducing pain and improving function. Charlotte low back can be successfully eliminated through chiropractic treatment.

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Do not resort to guessing the cause for your pain. The doctors at ChiroCarolina® are experts at the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain. They offer several treatment modalities that are effective for the elimination of lower back pain. It is time to improve your spinal health and your quality of life. Call their office to experience chiropractic care for Charlotte low back pain. ChiroCarolina® is one of Charlotte’s top chiropractic centers providing top chiropractic care for the uptown, NoDa, and University area- located conveniently off North Tryon Street.


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