Neck pain patient examining by chiropractorSmarting from your smart phone- and now need chiropractic care

Smart phones, tablets, net books, lap tops, and electronic readers are responsible for a dramatic increase in Charlotte neck pain. As electronic devices have become more compact and versatile; people hold and use their electronic devices in a variety of positions that are bad for the neck and spine. This includes the simple act of talking on the phone. The more we use them, the more our neck hurts. The problem is only getting worse because portable electric devices are not just for work; they now are extensively used in every part of our lives.

Take frequent breaks

The key to avoiding neck pain that is caused by your electronic devices is to take frequent breaks when using them. In even the most urgent situations you should never stare at a screen for more than 15 minutes before you move around and do something else. Admittedly, this might not be realistic during your work day, so the key is to make your best effort to take frequent breaks, especially when you are not working or are at home. Get out in the middle of the day and do something that gets you completely away from your electronic device. Go on a walk (without your device) or set aside time for a workout. Try to find activities that do not involve sitting down. In a very short time you will discover that your body feels better. Taking breaks also helps you manage your stress and short breaks in your day will allow your mind to be more creative.

Screens and keyboards

With regard to portable devices and touch screen keyboards, if you are corresponding by email on a tablet, keep your messages short. Remember, it is a flat screen, not a traditional keyboard; if you hunt and peck your wrists and elbows will become as sore as your neck. If you spend a lot of time reading electronic books, be sure to turn the device horizontally and read it in landscape mode. If you are an avid reader, you would be best served to get a larger screen over the pocket sized one. The larger size gives you a better opportunity to read while sitting in proper posture.

Chiropractic care for neck pain

For most of us, our most portable device is our smart phones. Tomorrow, just monitor the amount of time you spend on your phone or device. You will likely be surprised and may decide to re-evaluate how much time you really need to spend looking down at it. No wonder we have neck pain. Do not continue to suffer, see one of Charlotte’s best chiropractors for pain free and natural treatment to ease your pain.

Top chiropractors treat Charlotte neck pain

If you do not notice improvement in your neck pain after a week of home treatment, you should see one of the doctors at ChiroCarolina®. They are spine care specialists who use natural and gentle techniques to treat your neck injury. They specialize in treating patients for chronic and acute neck pain, acute pain, accidents and sports injuries. When it comes to follow-up care, ChiroCarolina® stands above other area clinics. Dr. Rice, Dr. Saario, and Dr. Ali are passionate about relieving neck pain and providing high quality chiropractic care for their patients. They have delivered excellent chiropractic care to thousands of people in North Carolina. Call them today for an evaluation of your Charlotte neck pain.


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