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Chiropractic manipulation offers help with neck trauma

Chiropractic care is primarily comprised of hands-on treatment for muscle, joint, and nerve pain by adjusting the spine and joints, and it follows that help with neck trauma is delivered in much the same way. Doctors of chiropractic have extensive schooling in the art of specific spinal. Spinal manipulation is the foundation of chiropractic care, and no other healthcare specialist is better educated in this technique than your Charlotte NC chiropractor.

Neck pain and chiropractic care

Neck pain is often a result of tissue damage or scarring caused by trauma or repetitive stress. A prime example of trauma causing neck pain is whiplash; a repetitive stress injury might be caused by improper ergonomics at work or habitually poor posture. Adjustments to your cervical spine, or neck, involve the application of a quick, controlled force to small vertebrae, pushing them just beyond normal range of movement. This action loosens up joints which are moving poorly or painfully.

Chiropractic care for neck pain

With your head in the hands of your Charlotte chiropractor, your neck is closely observed while being carefully supported through a range of motion. As pressure on joints is relieved during this gentle examination, you may notice how good it feels to once again move your neck painlessly. Chiropractic neck adjustment, also called cervical manipulation, further loosens the cervical bones in your neck, thereby reducing the pain of a pinched nerve or muscle spasm. Your chiropractor may use his or her hands to quickly twist the offending vertebrae back into alignment, or perhaps make use of a small instrument called an activator to nudge it back into proper position. Either method is highly effective.

Avoiding neck pain

When you seek chiropractic help with neck trauma, you also receive nutritional suggestions which can help in the healing process your body is undertaking, and instruction on how to avoid further instances of neck pain. Among these measures are maintaining a good strength and conditioning program, using proper sports techniques and wearing protective gear, getting enough sleep, and decreasing stress.

Benefits of chiropractic care to help with neck trauma

People experiencing neck pain more and more often turn to chiropractic care for help with neck trauma. Greatly relieved, patients swear by their Charlotte chiropractors, reporting that chiropractic treatment not only relieves pain but also addresses the source of their aches and feelings of fatigue. By restoring mobility in your joints, chiropractic offers neck pain treatment with a goal towards correcting the source of the pain rather than simply masking its symptoms with medication.  This natural approach to healthcare is the answer many people have been looking for. After a full course of treatment for back pain, patients often feel healthier, stronger, and more vital than before their neck trauma.

If you need help with neck trauma, contact your local chiropractor, today. In Charlotte NC, the caring doctors at ChiroCarolina® stand ready to help your body heal by locating and correcting the cause of your neck pain. Call for an evaluation today, and rest easier knowing that the chiropractic help with neck trauma you receive will soon have you once again enjoying life at its fullest.


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