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Most health conditions are very clearly defined with easily measurable results. For example, if you break your arm, the doctor will immobilize it with a cast, and when the bones have healed, the arm is often stronger than before it was broken. When it comes to some cases of low back pain, the issues are not as clear, and your Charlotte chiropractor will need to thoroughly assess the situation to provide the best results. Usually, low back pain needs to be managed through a combination of treatment modalities, especially when the back pain is associated with degenerative disease of the joints and discs in the spine.

Understanding slipped disc

The term “degenerative disease” sounds awful, but the disease affects everyone differently and does not always progress. Some people with degenerative disc disease suffer from debilitating back pain; but for most patients, the back pain that is a symptom of degenerative disc disease simply reminds us that we need to adopt a healthier lifestyle in order to keep disease process managed, and the pain under control.

Chiropractic care for low back pain

The most common symptom associated with degenerative disc disease is chronic, low level pain and discomfort with intermittent episodes of limited movement. Your Charlotte Chiropractor will treat your low back pain with two main objectives in mind. The highest priority is to first relieve your pain without the use of painful needles or harmless drugs. He or she will relieve your pain with spinal adjustment, exercise programs, and massage therapy. Then the next priority is to treat the condition, which can include physical therapy and lifestyle coaching. On mild days, a simple heating pad on the lower back at the end of the day can be soothing, or if the pain is a little more intense, perhaps an ice pack will do the trick.

Reduce the risk of back pain

Good overall health is crucial when it comes to managing degenerative disc disease and low back pain. Regular exercise that will strengthen the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that support your spine goes a long way towards minimizing painful flare-ups. Proper diet and aerobic exercise is essential for bringing important nutrients to the discs in the lower back. You must learn to practice proper lifting mechanics and use ergonomic tools and furniture to keep the lower back in proper posture. Of course, you need regular checkups with the best chiropractors in Charlotte.

The best Charlotte chiropractic back pain treatment

Do not guess about the cause of your low back pain. The doctors at ChiroCarolina® are experts at the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain. They understand that every patient experiences unique underlying factors and causes for their low back injuries. ChiroCarolina® provides numerous treatment modalities to aid in the elimination of lower back pain. It is time to improve your quality of life. Call their office to experience the top chiropractors for Charlotte low back pain.


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