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Getting the best from your Charlotte chiropractor takes some time and effort. The most common mistake for chiropractic patients is that once they start to feel better, they fell they no longer need treatment. Quite often, we mistakenly think that their neck pain or back pain just recently started. It may be true that your pain started only recently, but most people have simply not been aware of how stiff and immobile they have become over the years, or they basically attributed it to getting older.

It takes time to correct the problem

We fail to realize that the condition that causes our pain took a long time to get to the point that it became painful. Over the years, our spine can lose its ability to move correctly. This will result in your muscles being shortened and losing flexibility. It can happen so subtly, that you cannot even notice it; or may be so slight that you choose to ignore it instead. When your body develops muscle imbalances, and the mobility of your spine changes; your posture and spinal alignment can take a significant amount of time to correct. Chiropractic care is very effective, but it takes time to work. Short term pain relief comes fairly quickly. Changing your posture and improving the range of movement of your spine can take several weeks if not months. This is in part because your body and mind needs to let go of bad habits and create new healthy ones. That is why spinal adjustments need to be repeated consistently. The procedure helps your body learn new patterns of mobility.

Keep your appointments

If you do not visit your chiropractor, he or she cannot help you improve your health. Your treatment schedule is really important to keep. If you miss one out of three appointments, you are only getting 65% of the recommended treatment. Missed appointments are the number one reason that patients do not experience maximum results.

Get active

Modern conveniences can be a blessing or a curse. We all love to have more time for rest and recreation, but our body was not designed to sit all day. Too many people spend most of their day at work sitting in front of a computer or machine. Then when we get home, we spend more time sitting in front of the TV or on our phone or tablets. It is important to have our lives focused around exercise and activities. Everyone needs some form of exercise on a regular basis to stay healthy.

Consult with a top Charlotte chiropractor

Are you looking for a Charlotte chiropractor who is passionate about helping you achieve optimal health and providing high quality chiropractic care? The doctors at ChiroCarolina® are experts that can successfully diagnose and treat patients in a way that is gentle, natural, and painless. They understand that every patient experiences unique conditions and factors that can affect their health. It is time to improve your quality of life. Call their office to experience the best Charlotte chiropractor to get you in shape for a healthy lifestyle.


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