neck pain and chiropractic care

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Seek chiropractic care for neck pain when you have been injured or for other reasons

The healing connection between neck pain and chiropractic care is what brings many North Carolina residents to their Charlotte chiropractors for regular treatment. Whether your neck pain is caused by a whiplash injury, hours spent hunched over your computer, or osteoarthritis, your Charlotte chiropractor can help!

Pain in the neck

Every day, more than 10 percent of Americans suffer from neck pain. The neck region contains many delicate and pain sensitive structures which are easily affected by abuse and abnormal stresses. Poor posture, incomplete healing or rehabilitation of past injuries, prolonged sitting, and lack of periodic spinal alignments can all contribute to the development of neck problems. Fortunately, most people find chiropractic care extremely beneficial for neck pain. Unlike the administration of prescription drugs normally received from traditional doctors, chiropractic care addresses the cause of your neck problems, not just the symptoms. Informed patients concerned about finding a lasting treatment for their neck pain choose chiropractic care because it is safe, natural, noninvasive, and it works!

Anatomy of the neck

The cervical spine, the upper most portion of your spinal column contained within your neck, is structurally and functionally unique from the other areas of your spinal column. It is composed of 7 small, unique vertebrae and their associated muscles, ligaments, joints and nerves. These small bones provide support and mobility to your head and neck, provide essential information for the balance and coordination of the body, and protect your upper spinal cord and spinal nerves. The neck region is the most flexible region of your spine, providing generous amounts of flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation. Atop the spine is a pivot joint which allows 90 degrees of rotation, and contains nerve receptors which perform important communication with your brain. The remaining bones in your neck provide additional flexion and extension as you bend, twist; turn your head and upper body. When mobility in your neck is restricted by injury or disease, a great deal of pain can result.

Nervous system protection

Spinal bones and tissue encase and protect your spinal cord, and its nerve roots, as it descends from the skull. Nerve roots run through channels and other openings in your spine, exiting through small gaps formed by the vertebrae. These openings are a common location for nerve irritation, and can give rise to a variety of head, neck and upper extremity pain when vertebrae become misaligned or tissue becomes swollen. Your Charlotte chiropractor knows that successful treatment happens when the underlying cause of pain is identified and corrected; that is why chiropractic care is the number one choice for back and neck pain care.

Neck pain and chiropractic care

Chiropractic treatments are gentle, safe, natural and noninvasive, and incorporate many different techniques. However, the true power of chiropractic care is found in the most effective and essential treatment employed by the chiropractor, the chiropractic adjustment. Quite simply, the spinal adjustment corrects the major problems that the majority of neck pain sufferers have. Most people experiencing neck pain have either suffered an acute accident such as whiplash, where the structural integrity of the neck has been altered and tissue damage has occurred, or they have been exposed to long periods of adverse neck and spinal stresses. These injuries most commonly result from bad or improper postural habits and techniques.

Spinal adjustments

The only effective way to correct structural positioning errors and improper biomechanics is to realign the spinal segments and restore normalize motion. This is the job of the spinal adjustment. In addition to restoring proper position and motion, spinal adjustment also produces spontaneous pain relief and reduction in muscle spasm. This is because our joints have a high number of mechanoreceptors which are stimulated by the chiropractic adjustment. Research has shown that stimulation of these receptors signals the brain to shut down pain receptors. Also, inflammatory chemicals are known irritants to pain fibers, and a chiropractic adjustment helps eliminate inflammation by restoring joint motion. A final and important benefit of the spinal adjustment is restoration of normalizing joint mobility, which allows your body to regain its natural ability to heal itself.

Experience for yourself the healing connection between neck pain and chiropractic care, by contacting the experienced and well-trained doctors of chiropractic at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte NC. Take charge of your health care. Neck pain and chiropractic care go hand in hand, and rightfully so, in Charlotte!


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