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A very positive link between headaches and chiropractic care stems from the effectiveness of chiropractic treatments themselves, which recognize that simply dulling headache pain with medication is not enough. The gentle techniques of Charlotte chiropractors can help alleviate pressure on your muscles, nerves and blood vessels, returning you to better spinal function and diminishing even the most persistent headache symptoms.

Headaches and chiropractic care

A headache is not an ailment; it is a symptom. The human body is an organism which operates beautifully when in proper balance. Organs, limbs, muscles, joints, nerves, and our spines, all work in concert to provide health and movement; there are many different factors which can contribute to overall body imbalance and consequent symptoms. In the case of headache, symptoms are most often influenced by imbalances in hormones and other body chemistry, nutrition, or by structural imbalances. Chiropractic care is unique in its attention to structural imbalances, such as misaligned spinal joints which can irritate spinal nerves and lead to headaches. Utilizing one or more of several different techniques, chiropractors can decrease the frequency and intensity of your headaches, and educate you on how to manage some of the factors which may be causing your headache pain.

Headache treatments

What do you normally do when you suffer from a pounding headache? Lie down and hope it goes away? Sometimes a headache does resolve itself, especially when you eliminate stressful or environmental triggers. Do you pop a pill and wait for the pain to away? Pharmaceutical companies hope you do, because pain pills represent their biggest sales. Dulling the pain may temporarily dull the pain, but does nothing to correct the cause of your headache pain. Do you grit your teeth and carry on?  There is a better alternative.

Chiropractic care for headache

No headache should be taken lightly. A headache, whether caused by a car accident injury or long-standing chronic pain, is not a normal part of life but a sign that something is not right. Your family chiropractor at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte can provide a comprehensive examination to help determine what is causing your headache pain. Your chiropractor will evaluate your spine, your overall health, your nutritional habits, stress factors, and other facets of your lifestyle to obtain an overall view of your symptoms. Then, with various chiropractic adjustments to gently improve spinal function and alleviate the stress on your system, your Charlotte chiropractor will continue your care. By providing nutritional advice and sometimes recommending a change in diet or adding certain vitamins to your diet; and offering advice on posture, ergonomics, exercises and stress relaxation techniques, your chiropractor can help you relieve recurring joint irritation or other tension in your neck and upper back muscles which contribute to your headache pain.

Auto accident injury

An important relationship between headaches and chiropractic care is apparent with an auto accident injury, which may not even become noticeable until days or weeks after the accident. The slow swelling of the soft tissues of our necks and upper spines often leads people with auto accident injuries to assume they suffered no adverse effects of their accident; painful headaches are often the first symptoms of an injury. If you experience headache after having had an auto accident, be sure to contact a Charlotte chiropractor today!

If long term treatment for headaches and chiropractic care sounds like a practical and reasonable choice for you, contact the caring and gentle Charlotte chiropractors at ChiroCarolina®. Contact ChiroCarolina® to learn more about headaches and chiropractic care and to make an appointment for your evaluation!


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