help with neck traumaChiropractic care can help with neck trauma

If you have been in an auto accident or hurt your neck in some other way, getting help with neck trauma as soon as possible can make a great deal of difference in how soon your injuries begin to heal and how long you continue to suffer from neck pain. The excellent doctors of chiropractic in Charlotte, NC, have studied the interconnectedness of the spine and central nervous system, and their specific training in spinal manipulation to aid healing can help with neck trauma.

Physiology of the neck

You have seven bones in your neck, or your cervical spine, and they are some of the most overtaxed bones in the body. These tiny bones in your spine support the weight of your head in all its movements, and at the same time serve as protection for your brain stem and spinal cord. If any of these bones are nudged out of alignment, as often happens in a whiplash injury, your muscles and ligaments can become stressed, and nerves become irritated or pinched. Other factors that also contribute to neck pain include:

  • Hunching over a computer or work surface all day
  • Clenching a steering wheel
  • Emotional stress resulting in an unconscious tightening of the neck muscles
  • Disc deterioration or herniation
  • Injury

Even slight abnormalities in your cervical spine can result in headaches, pain or a grinding sound when you turn your head from side to side, or irritated nerves that bring about pain and reduced mobility in your neck. Neck pain can become quite debilitating and lower your quality of life unnecessarily.

Chiropractic care restores full function

Your Charlotte chiropractor is uniquely trained to help with neck trauma and other spinal injuries, having undergone specific training in the biomechanics of the human body and its ability to heal itself when allowed the benefits of normal mobility. The caring doctors at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte treat these injuries every day, understanding that although life can present us with circumstances that interfere with the normal functioning of our bodies, there are healthcare options that are extremely effective in restoring our bodies to full function. With chiropractic care, the focus is on maintaining the health of nerves, organs, and connective tissue, by locating and correcting problems in the spine.

Chiropractic help with neck trauma

From the perspective of your chiropractor, a poorly functioning spinal column is the cause of a host of different ailments. Whether your neck pain is the result of an injury, wear and tear over many years, or emotional stress, the trauma of spinal misalignment can cause your nervous system to stop working properly. This nerve interference generally results in pain or discomfort and can affect how the organs of your body function, affecting your overall health and lifestyle. Help with neck trauma at ChiroCarolina® consists of gentle adjustments to your spine, and perhaps exercises, physical therapy, and rehabilitation activities.


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