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If you have been injured at work, you can be sure that you are not alone. Every day, millions of people are injured at work; and the injuries are serious enough to keep them from getting back to work. If you are ever injured at work, no matter how insignificant the injury, you must immediately report the injury to your employer. Once the injury is reported, it becomes your employer’s responsibility to report the injury to the North Carolina Labor Department or its self-insured Insurance program.

Chiropractic care can be more effective

A recent study on chiropractic care for patients with work injuries followed 500 individuals with work related injuries who received chiropractic treatments. In the same study, 500 individuals who were injured at work; were sent to medical doctors for treatment. Those who received chiropractic care returned to work in an average of 16 days faster than those who received treatments from medical doctors.

Understanding workplace injury

Workplace injuries can affect every part of your body; injuries can range from residual effects from chemical exposure, to traumatic injuries such as broken bones, cuts, or bruises. One of the most common injuries on the job is strain and sprain of the back or spine. Also high on the list is repetitive motion injuries. Most frequently, strain or sprain of the lower back is related to bending or lifting objects improperly. Poor posture and/or ergonomics are responsible for most of these cases of neck and mid-back injuries.

Chiropractic treatment

The top chiropractors in Charlotte can provide effective relief for many work related injuries. Chiropractic care is natural and pain free; and without the need for hospitalization, surgery, or harmful medications. Chiropractic treatment enhances the body’s inherent healing powers and the relationship between the nervous system and the rest of the body. In other words, chiropractic care enables your body to restore and maintain good health. Chiropractic doctors that specialize in industrial and occupational injuries know how important it is for you to return to work as soon as possible and with as complete of a recovery as possible. Charlotte’s top chiropractors treat many of the sports and work injuries using treatment modalities that include physical therapy, occupational therapy, massage, dietary counseling, and lifestyle coaching. You can expect effective treatment for all types of workplace injuries including sprains and strains, low back pain, carpal tunnel, and sciatica.

A top Charlotte chiropractor for worker’s comp

Are you looking for a Charlotte chiropractor who is passionate about providing high quality chiropractic care for patients with workplace injuries? Do not try to guess about the cause of your chronic pain. The doctors at ChiroCarolina® are experts that can successfully diagnose and treat patients in a way that is gentle, natural, and painless. They understand that every patient experience is unique; including the conditions and factors that causes workout injuries. It is time to improve your quality of life. Call their office to experience the best Charlotte chiropractor for those injured at work.


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