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Have you been injured while participating in sports activities? Perhaps you are looking for natural and holistic treatment rather than resorting to painkillers or surgery? Chances are that chiropractic care is the perfect solution to getting back in top form. Participation in sports or exercise is an essential part of people’s lives. It is undeniable that exercise strengthens your heart, bones, and joints. Additionally, it reduces stress, among many other benefits.

Unfortunately, injuries from participation in sports are all too common. Some injuries occur because the participants are not use to the rigor or demand of the activity. Some injuries are caused when participants overuse or become overzealous, pushing the body beyond its intended capabilities. Finally, some participants are injured because they do not use the proper safety equipment. Chiropractic care can be effective in each case. The most commonly injured areas of the body are the major joints such as shoulders, elbows, knees and elbows. The most commonly injured part of our body is the spine. It is important that you discuss any exercise program or sport activity with your doctor of chiropractic before undertaking such activities. Consider the most common injuries that are reported because of exercise and activity:

Strains and Sprains – The muscles, tendons, and ligaments are connecting tissues that are complex in their interaction to form a joint. The role of tendons is to attach muscles to bones. Ligaments attach one bone to another. Any severe twisting or overextension of a joint will result in tears of these tough but soft tissues. Tears in the muscles and tendons are called “strains,” and tears of the ligaments result in “sprains.” Strains and sprains measure in degrees of severity.

Tendonitis – Overuse of a particular joint in the body can result in pain and dysfunction. The common term for this type of injury is “overuse syndrome.” Tendinosis, also called tendinitis is a perfect example of a joint injured for extended overuse. The tendon becomes inflamed because of repetitive use. Tennis elbow is a familiar form of tendinitis that most people recognize. Tennis and racquet sport participants suffer with tendon pain along the outside of the elbow, while golfers report pain in the tendons on the inside of the elbow.

Diagnosis and treatment
Sports injuries are commonly diagnosed after the chiropractor receives a comprehensive history of the activity that brought on the pain, along with a physical examination. In some cases, x-rays or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and diagnostic ultrasound are also used in finding soft-tissue injuries, like tendinitis, sprains, and stress fractures. Chiropractic treatment is natural and pain free. If you suffer with chronic pain from overuse or exercise, call your Charlotte chiropractor as soon as possible.

Charlotte chiropractor treats exercise related injuries

At ChiroCarolina® of Charlotte, NC your chiropractic care is focused on the delivery of proven treatments that relieve pain and restore health. Each patient receives the highest quality care from the moment they walk in the door. The doctors and staff truly care about the comfort and well being of their patients. Dr. Rice, Dr. Saario, and Dr. Ali, are passionate about relieving back pain and providing superior chiropractic care for patients with on the job injuries or chronic conditions. Follow-up care is another area where ChiroCarolina® stands above other area clinics. The staff will work to provide the essential information that will help their patients understand insurance and government paperwork requirements to make sure that patients are reimbursed for their qualifying treatments. If you have been injured from exercise activity, call them for a consultation and evaluation today.


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