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Charlotte chiropractors recommend chiropractic care for your auto injury

A few days after a traumatic car accident, some people fail to consider if they sustained any injuries simply based on the fact that they do not feel anything at the moment.  When they do notice something is wrong they do not usually think about chiropractic care for an auto accident injury. They prefer to think that they slept in the wrong position, believing that is the reason for a painful neck. We ignore little signs like the extra effort it takes to lift a toddler, or bring in the groceries. Automobile accidents can be deceiving; the symptoms may not be immediately apparent, so you are still a little unsure that there may be something wrong with your body. You should always seek professional help whenever you feel any type of pain after an accident. You never know if that small stiffness can lead to your immobility.

Chiropractic care for people who experience an auto accident

Automobile accidents are sometimes unavoidable. The impact a car collision makes can give you a whiplash or injure your spine; these injuries can cause chronic problems if not treated immediately. Some symptoms can include stiffness, swelling, decreased mobility, head, neck, and back pain. The pain and discomfort it causes may stop you from doing your normal activities and may worsen in time.

A chiropractic examination will be performed to determine if you are a good candidate. Using their assessment, the doctors will be able to diagnose and determine the exact areas of your spinal restriction and treat it accordingly. In comparison to the use of pain medication, chiropractic care does not have any harmful side effects and the focus is on the origin of the pain for treatment. This is accomplished the use of a gentle chiropractic adjustment to re-align the spine that helps your body heal itself. Chiropractors are trained professionals who use their hands in spinal manipulation through a high velocity/short amplitude movement. Hence, the stiff joints will be mobilized relieving you from pain.

Chiropractic care for an auto accident injury in Charlotte NC

If you live in the Charlotte area, consider ChiroCarolina® as your choice for a thorough examination of your spine, to learn what is causing your pain and your discomfort. At ChiroCarolina® you will discover that holistic health care is their primary concern. They will provide you with the best service you can possibly receive. They doctors and staff stay on the leading edge of treatment by continuously updating and utilizing the latest equipment. Their staff will help guide you through all the pertinent information regarding insurance paperwork. Call them and schedule an appointment for a consultation and experience the best possible chiropractic care for an auto accident injury.


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