Low back pain is more common than you think. People from different age brackets are not spared from its effects. However, it affects a lot of working-class individuals and aged people. It also causes continuous feelings of pain and discomfort. This part of your body is essential for daily activities. The entire weight of your upper body lies in it. The low back gives you the ability to bend and twist. Muscles in this region enable the flexing and rotation of the hips while walking. The nerves in the low back give strength to the muscles in the legs and feet. Most times, the pain can be a result of an underlying injury, such as muscle strains or sprains. This type of pain is different from any other pain. It can cause a burning sensation in the thighs and legs. If you are experiencing low back pain in Charlotte, NC, it is best to reach out to healthcare practitioners.

What is the range of symptoms you feel when you have this kind of pain?

This nature of pain can exhibit different symptoms. It starts slowly and suddenly. Over time, it becomes worse and debilitating. Some of the feelings you could have include:

  • Dull ache at the base of the back.
  • Tightness in the pelvis and hips.
  • Discomfort after sitting or standing for a long time
  • Difficulty in moving from sitting to walking.

Lower back pain can also be grouped according to the duration for which you feel the pain.

  • Acute pain: This type of pain begins without any warning suddenly. It can last for days or even weeks. You won’t feel discomfort for too long. As your body heals, you will feel relieved.
  • Subacute pain: This can last for between 6 weeks and three months. You will need to seek medical attention. The severity of this pain often limits people from daily actions like sleeping and waking.
  • Chronic pain: This type of pain can last for more than three months. You won’t feel significant relief from essential home remedies and little treatment. Things like trying to adjust your posture will not yield any improvement. People suffering this will need a full medical checkup to know the root cause of the pain.

Getting top-notch care for lower back pain from a Charlotte chiropractor in Charlotte, NC.

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