Many Charlotte NC residents deal with low back pain. These days, there are a variety of options available to people dealing this painful condition. ChiroCarolina® offers Charlotte NC residents relief from low back pain through chiropractic treatment. Often, visiting a chiropractor can reduce the time it takes to heal from any injury, especially when dealing with low back pain.

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The first step in treating lower back injuries and low back pain is to determine the cause. Possible causes include injury from heavy lifting or work related accidents. Often repetitive motion can cause low back pain. Many patients report pain in their lower back after certain sports activities or after being in an auto or bicycle accident. Osteoarthritis can affect the small joints in a patient’s spine and lead to low back pain; this condition typically comes with age. Unfortunately, even osteoarthritis in other joints, such as hips, can also cause patients to change how they walk, leading to low back pain.

Treatment options vary depending on cause

An experienced chiropractor will spend time diagnosing and addressing each situation, knowing that all low back pain is not created equally. By determining the cause, the doctor can take the appropriate steps to ensure full range of motion and return the patient to optimal health.

Many times patients try to push through pain, thinking that it will fade with time. Sometimes this does happen, but often the recovery takes longer if the injury is not treated promptly. The longer patients wait for treatment of low back pain, the longer it can take for recovery.

Additionally, untreated back pain can turn into a chronic condition. Visiting experienced chiropractors in ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte NC can help prevent a one-time injury turning into a chronic condition.

Preventing back pain before it starts

The best way to avoid low back pain is by taking preventative steps. Experts recommend talking to a doctor about low-impact exercises that are appropriate for age and fitness level, and can strength the lower back. Proper posture can help prevent low back pain; it is also helpful to make sure all work surfaces are at a comfortable height. Investing in a chair with lumbar support can help, especially for those sitting at a desk while working.

The firmness of a bed can also make a difference when it comes to low back pain. Doctors recommend sleeping on a firm surface. As with most injuries, taking care of overall health can help prevent low back pain. Proper nutrition can help maintain weight; excessive weight around the stomach can put increased pressure on the lower back and cause low back pain.

It is best to address lower back pain before it starts. But, if you do have low back pain, consult your experienced chiropractor at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte NC today!


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