Top Charlotte low back pain can be destroying your life, here’s some advice for relief

Top Charlotte low back painTop Charlotte low back pain can be managed through a variety of lifestyle changes and chiropractic care. Chiropractic medicine can address your low back pain in a holistic and all-natural way. Many people across the world who suffer from low back pain have found relief through chiropractic medicine. Instead of relying on unnatural pain medication, or seeking relief through surgical means, seek chiropractic care for your lower back pain. To help manage your back pain in between visits, here are some tips to help manage your pain and get your life back on track.

Get some exercise

Charlotte low back pain can be managed through an easy-to-follow exercise routine. Getting a good workout in regularly can manage your pain and keep up the health of the spine. Exercising can be difficult if you are experiencing low back pain, so aim for workouts that are low-intensity and enjoyable. Walking and swimming are two low-impact types of exercises that many find help alleviate their back pain, and keeps the rest of the body healthy as well. If you’re feeling particularly motivated, you can also include a weight training routine into your exercise plan to keep the muscles robust and supportive.

Shed a few pounds

Many people in the United States have a few extra pounds than they should, and this may be contributing to your Charlotte low back pain. By putting too much strain on your spine in the form of excess weight, you may be wearing down your spine and causing (or at least contributing to) your pain. If you are unsure of how to lose weight, chiropractors can work with you to develop an exercise and diet plan. Plus, being overweight can cause many other health issues, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes, so it’s time to do what’s right for your body.

Improve your posture

Charlotte low back pain may also be caused by a posture that is not conducive to the natural curve of your spine. If you’re sitting all day with a posture that slouches, you may be causing damage to your structural joints and muscles. Make sure that you sit and stand in a position that is very neutral, with the shoulders back. Chiropractors can work with you to develop a posture that is healthy for both you and your spine.

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