Best Charlotte low back pain may be due to your gardening habits?

Best Charlotte low back painBest Charlotte low back pain is a chronic condition that can be making it difficult for you to live a normal life. So many Americans suffers from chronic low back pain, and do not do anything about it. Gardening is a popular pastime that many people enjoy because of its relaxing nature. However, did you know that you may be causing your lower back pain through incorrect gardening habits? Let’s explore how you can keep your back healthy and pain-free with some of these gardening tips.

Tip #1: Don’t work for long periods of time in your garden

Instead of working in your garden for long periods of time, break up your work into manageable time blocks. Charlotte low back pain may be caused by gardening for too long of periods of time. If you work in your garden for thirty minutes, and then sit down to take a break, you can significantly lower your chance of developing low back pain. Do not be tempted by the “just get it done” mentality and work for hours in your garden. Gardening often requires being in uncomfortable stooped positions, which one should not be in for long periods of time.

Tip #2: Get help from young ones

If you live in a neighborhood, invite some of the neighborhood kids over to help you in your garden. If you have grandchildren, ask them to come over and help and provide them with food and dessert in-return. Chances are, kids will jump at the chance to help you in your garden, and you’ll be protecting your lower back. Young kids are much more tolerant to awkward positions and heavy-duty work, which makes them perfect for gardening. They’ll also enjoy the chance to get out of their house and into nature.

Tip #3: Stretch when you have finished

When you get done with your gardening, it is very tempting to go back into your house and sit down in front of the television to watch TV. This is unwise because your muscles that have been working very hard need time to decompress. Do some simple, easy stretches that your chiropractor can teach you before you turn in for the day. Your Charlotte low back pain can also be helped by walking around the block for a quick stroll when you have finished in the garden before going inside to relax and unwind.

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