Top Charlotte low back pain may be a result of the clothes you wear on a daily basis

Top Charlotte low back pain

Top Charlotte low back pain can be a devastating condition that can cause you agony and suffering. We try to take the best care of ourselves as we possibly can, and will eat right and exercise. But did you know that you may be doing something harmful to your back muscles without even knowing it? If you are a fan of skinny jeans and wear them regularly, then you may be doing damage to your back and causing yourself to suffer from Charlotte low back pain. Skinny jeans (jeans that are tight against the waist, all the way down to the ankle) may be the source of the pain you’re experiencing. Read on to learn what to do to fix this pain, and what other articles of clothing may be causing you suffering.

Skinny jeans aren’t the only culprit

Charlotte low back pain may also be caused by a number of other articles of clothing and accessories. Large handbags and purses that weight a ton can be putting stress on your muscles and joints, and may also be causing you to experience aches and pains. Jewelry that is heavy may also be messing up the balance of your body. Finally, fluffy sweatshirts with large hoods can put unnatural pressure on areas of your body and leave you with muscle and joint pain. If you are experiencing any of these issues, stop wearing these articles of clothing immediately and visit a chiropractor. Chiropractic care will be able to alleviate these aches and pains, and work with you to develop a treatment plan to get your body back on track.

Why do skinny jeans cause Charlotte low back pain?

Skinny jeans may be fashionable, but leave them in your closet! Since skinny jeans are so tight that they restrict your knee movement and make it so that your knees and hips are postured at an unnatural angle when you’re walking or standing. Any article of clothing that changes the way you hold or position yourself after you have put it on is best to take off immediately. No amount of fashion is worth having Charlotte low back pain.

How to make your fashion choices healthier

If you do have a pair of skinny jeans that you absolutely adore, it’s okay to wear them in moderation. As with all things in life, wearing unhealthy pieces of clothing for short amounts of time, once in awhile is not going to hurt. However, make sure you limit the amount of time you wear skinny jeans. It is also important to only wear high heels every now and again because high heels can also cause aches and pains. If you absolutely have to have a large bag to hold all of your things, use a fashion backpack instead of a large handbag. Backpacks will distribute weight across your entire back and body, and won’t make your posture uneven, like a large handbag would.

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