Repetitive work and top Charlotte NC low back pain

Top Charlotte NC low back pain

Top Charlotte NC low back pain is commonly caused by repetitive work or motion. In fact, many sufferers of chronic back pain can point to their occupation or frequent activities as a contributing cause.

One example of repetitive motion is assembly line work in a factory. If you perform the same physical function repeatedly every day (for example, lifting items from a conveyor to a packing line), you are at a high risk of chronic back pain as a result.

Some employees brush off Charlotte low back pain as an inevitable result of repetitive work. However, over, time, this chronic pain can worsen and even become debilitating. It’s important to take smart steps to reduce the health impacts of repetitive work.

How to avoid the consequences of repetitive work

If you can’t avoid doing repetitive work, be mindful of the steps you can take to minimize the negative consequences on your health. Try implementing some of the following:

  • Take stretch breaks every hour or two
  • Vary the movement as much as possible (for example, alternate between using your left and right hands)
  • If the repetitive work is part of your occupation, ask your supervisor to rotate stations when possible

If you’re already experiencing chronic pain or low back pain as a result of repetitive work, seeing a chiropractor may be able to help. A chiropractor can help reduce or eliminate your pain, allowing you to continue to work or pursue your desired activites.

How a chiropractor can help with Charlotte low back pain

A chiropractor does not perform surgeries or prescribe drugs. Instead, your chiropractor will manage your Charlotte low back pain through manual manipulation of the spine. These manipulations, or adjustments, help re-align your bones and joints to relieve the causes of chronic pain.

If you are subjected to repetitive motion, regular “tune-ups” from a chiropractor can help you stay healthy and pain free.

Choosing the right Charlotte chiropractor

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