Low back pain results from various factors you should be wary of

Low back pain experts in Charlotte NC can help you lead a pain-free lifestyle. Your lower back normally only has five vertebrae, which is fewer than your neck and mid-back. And these vertebrae carry out a great deal of strain! The connection between your spine and pelvis is in your lower back, which carries the weight of your upper body. There is a lot of movement and stress in this area, which could result in damage and injury.

Anyone can get lower back discomfort at any time, even if they don’t have any risk factors or previous injuries. It often gets better on its own and is not necessarily serious. However, there are times when pain is your body’s way of alerting you to a problem. Learn more about the reasons for lower back discomfort.

Spinal arthritis

The most common cause of lower back discomfort is spinal arthritis, which is the gradual deterioration of the spinal joints. As we get older, we all endure wear and tear, therefore it is typical for your lower back to start acting up. The tissues nearby may swell up as the cartilage between the spinal joints deteriorates. Lower back discomfort may result from increased friction in the joints due to inflammation and cartilage loss.

Back injuries

A lower back injury could result from a serious fall or an automobile accident. But carrying a laundry basket up the stairs can also count. Back injuries can occur suddenly and traumatizingly in certain cases, or steadily over time in others.

Herniated discs

A disc that has slipped out of its lining is known as a herniated or bulging disc. Lower back pain is where this occurs the most frequently. Sometimes a damaged disc doesn’t pain. Even while it might not hurt, its contents could irritate or press on surrounding nerves, resulting in pain in the lower back and other places.

Lifestyle factors

There are three main lifestyle choices that could influence your likelihood of experiencing lower back pain:

  1. Lower back pain and smoking have been linked in numerous research. Smoking increases internal inflammation and prevents the body from repairing itself.
  2. Additionally, a number of chronic pain conditions, particularly lower back pain, are linked to obesity. The load on the spine increases in those with high body mass index (BMI), which contributes to even greater wear and tear.
  3. Your amount of physical activity may also have an impact on the health of your lower back. Both a sedentary lifestyle and excessive or demanding physical activity can raise your risk of lower back discomfort. If you are unclear about your appropriate level of physical exercise, consult your doctor.

Work with the best low back pain experts in Charlotte NC

Lower back pain causes extensive discomfort, but you should work with the best low back pain experts in Charlotte NC for great pain relief.

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