Low back pain is a common and painful condition

Low back pain in Charlotte NC is quite common. You might know someone who has experienced it in the past or is currently facing it at this moment. Perhaps you have battled it on and off and are looking for a solution. This painful condition has two main causes, which are injury and disease. Regardless of which umbrella you fall under; you should seek treatment from a professional.

Low back pain from injury

Most of the time, this condition is a result of some type of injury. People often injure their backs in this way when they strain a muscle or have a sprained ligament. These injuries often result from everyday activities such as lifting heavy objections. Other causes of muscle or ligament issues leading to this condition include poor posture, lack of exercise, and fractures. Sometimes, lifestyle choices such as improving your posture and getting more exercise can help you reduce the risk of backache.

Low back pain from disease

Injuries are not the only way for a backache to develop. Sometimes a disease can have a range of symptoms, with backache being among these. Arthritis, osteoporosis, and cancer of the spinal cord are among the disease conditions that can also bring about backache.

Treatment for back pain

If you have ever experienced backache, you know how painful this can be. The pain levels are related to the cause of the pain. For example, if you have a slipped disc, you are likely to have much more pain than if you woke up with a sore back because of poor posture or not getting much exercise into your routine. You might be able to get rid of your pain by simply changing how you sit, stand, carry heavy items, and get more exercise.

There are various types of back pain treatment. Doctors can prescribe medications to help ease the pain temporarily. In the most serious cases, the only solution might be back surgery. If you are looking for relief from back ache, you can also talk to a local chiropractor. The great thing about this form of treatment is that it gets to the root of the matter and is not invasive.

Charlotte chiropractor services for low back pain

Chiropractors work on a range of conditions and help their patients find lasting relief from various aches. We offer “Care You Can Count On,” so reach out to us today.

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