Causes of Charlotte low back pain

Charlotte low back painCharlotte low back pain can strike indiscriminately. It can effect men and women, young and old. Additionally, there are many different potential causes of low back pain. In some cases, individuals may develop low back pain without even realizing what started it.

There are two types of back pain- acute and chronic. Acute back pain occurs suddenly. It is often the result of a specific event, such as a motor vehicle crash, a workplace accident, or a sports injury. The pain can be severe in nature, and may or may not resolve on its own.

Chronic low back pain is pain that is constant or repetitive. You may feel it all the time, or it may “flare up” on certain occasions. Chronic back pain can also be the result of an injury. Other contributors include bad posture, repetitive motion, and strain.

At home steps to take for your back pain

Regardless of the reason for your Charlotte low back pain , you will want to get rid of it quickly. If your pain is mild or occasional, you may try some gentle at home remedies. These may include:

  • Gentle stretching or yoga
  • Applying heat
  • Applying cold
  • Over the counter pain relief medication

For more severe pain, or pain that doesn’t resolve on its own, it is a good idea to see your doctor. For many low back pain sufferers, a chiropractor can be an excellent resource.

Seeing your Charlotte chiropractor

A doctor of chiropractic is a medical professional that works exclusively on the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors are commonly used to treat and resolve back pain, neck pain, and associated issues.

Chiropractors do not perform surgery, and they do not prescribe medication. Instead, they use manual manipulation to adjust and align the spine and surrounding areas. This manipulation can relieve pressure and reduce pain. Your chiropractor might also give you good advice about lifestyle changes that can help you remain pain free.

Finding a Charlotte NC chiropractor

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