Low back pain may need professional treatment

Low back pain can be caused by many different factors, which we will look at today. The cause may be a sudden traumatic event or the gradual effects of disease or lifestyle. If it persists, it might be necessary to see a chiropractor in Charlotte NC.

Causes of low back pain

Low back pain is an uncomfortable short- or long-term condition. At times, it is accompanied by pain in the muscles, hips, and legs. It is typically caused by some form of injury such as a strain or sprain in the body while lifting a heavy object. A herniated or ruptured disc, arthritis, or cancer of the spinal cause may also cause back pain. Some people also develop this kind of pain because of the way they sit or lie down.

Low back pain treatment

This condition is not difficult to diagnose by oneself. There are different options for treatment, and these all depend on the severity and duration of the pain. In many cases, the condition goes away after taking some medication at home. Improving one’s posture and getting more rest can also reduce the risk of the condition. It is also a good idea to learn the correct way of carrying heavy objects, particularly if your work or home lives require that you do this quite often.

In more serious and persistent cases, it is important to seek professional help. Meds may help to numb the pain temporarily, but they might not get to the root cause of the pain. Medical doctors and chiropractors in Charlotte NC are able to provide different types of care. While the former may turn to surgery for serious injuries, the latter will focus on non-invasive methods of care.

When you visit the chiropractor, you may be treated using some methods of physiotherapy, including massages and joint manipulation. It all depends on the level of injury or pain. In many cases, a combination of these treatment methods and approaches may be used to provide long-term relief. You can trust that the professional you visit will recommend the right combination of methods to help you recover as quickly as possible.

Charlotte chiropractor services

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