Low back pain can interfere with your daily routine

Low back pain experts in Charlotte have dealt with many lower back pain cases, helping them enjoy relief. The experts evaluate your case and recommend treatment methods on a case-by-case basis.

There are several ways to treat backache. Such alternative treatments all offer different results individually, with the sole goal of relieving the pain. This article looks through the alternative low back pain treatment options.


Massage involves using hands to manipulate tendons, muscles, and tissues in the low back region. The hands-on manipulation allows better blood circulation and relieves tension on the spinal discs in the back. The lesser tension can take away the pain and allow the healing of muscles and nerves in the area.

Common benefits of massage therapy are relieving inflammation and pain in the low back area and pushing the discs back to position.


Yoga is one ancient practice that has, over the years, gained popularity. It involves placing the body in specific poses and incorporating breathing control and meditation.

Yoga has many health and healing benefits; most importantly, it helps with flexibility and improves the back’s strength. The tensile muscles on the lower back are stretched, meaning the practice relieves tension on the discs, often caused by staying in the same position for long.

Spinal adjustments

Chiropractors are trained to adjust joints and the spinal structure into position. Commonly, backache results from improperly placed spinal discs that might catch a nerve ending. Spinal adjustments help pop the spinal discs in position, allowing the patient to feel relief.

Spinal adjustments happen in the following ways;

  • Spinal manipulation is a low amplitude but high-velocity thrust on the spine using expert hands to pop the spinal discs back in place.
  • Spinal mobilization –involves the firm but slow movements of the joints to improve the range of motion and deal with pain.

Relaxation techniques

Relaxing and meditation can be professional recommendations to deal with back pain. In most cases, the experts help you get control over the problem through;

  • Breathing exercises
  • Pain movement
  • Altered focus

The best chiropractor can help you deal with low back pain

Lower back pain is a common problem for most people today, but the cases differ and are treated differently. The above article explains some of the techniques that Charlotte’s best chiropractor uses to deal with low back pain.

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