Lower back pain and your chiropractor

Lower back pain can occur on many occasions but when severe spine pain persistently remains, you better consult a professional. Finding the best chiropractor in your area is the first step toward healing.

Back pain sufferers want immediate relief and may believe surgery is the only key. Don’t throw in the towel before you know all the facts related to surgery.

With help from a trained chiropractic specialist, sometimes surgery can be avoided. You should be informed of all of your choices before going “under the knife.”  You don’t have to be one of the 20-40% of people who either experience no improvement or suffer from worse pain after undergoing surgery.  It’s possible that scheduling some regular visits to the chiropractor can save you from surgery and a long recovery, and lead you on the path to getting rid of your lower back pain.

Dangers of lower back surgery

Prudence is advised when considering back surgery. Have you ever visited a health forum and taken a look at the posts under “Spinal Conditions”? These are real-life experiences. There isn’t a better way to get a glimpse of what can and does go wrong with failed back surgeries. Did you know it’s so common that it’s widely known as “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome”?

Lower back surgery risks

Another indicator that back surgeries are not always the best option is the results of a study involving vertebrae fusion. Researchers at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine reviewed the records of 1,450 patients who had been diagnosed with disc degeneration, disc herniation, radiculopathy, and other common spine conditions. One-half of these back pain sufferers had the surgery, while the remaining half did not. The results of all the patients 2 years after the surgery include the following:

  • Only 26% of the surgery patients were able to go back to work
  • 67% of the non-surgical patients returned to work
  • Among the surgical patients, there was a 41% increase in the usage of opiate pain killers.

Why is back surgery risky?

The spinal cord contains 31 pairs of nerves that control just about everything, including breathing, movement, and sensation. One slight of the knife could end your days of smelling, walking, or other critical functions. Also, the spinal cord is surrounded by cerebral spinal fluid that protects the nerve tissues. Damage of the cerebral spinal fluid can cause a decline in cognitive functioning and can lead to other serious conditions. It’s easy to see a large risk you take when you have back surgery. All it takes is one mistake.

Low-back pain relief in Charlotte NC

When you visit a local Charlotte chiropractor instead of immediately opting for lower back surgery, you greatly reduce your risk of serious spine damage, while increasing your chances of long-term back lower back pain relief. Patients may experience sore muscles the day after receiving chiropractic care, but this is normal with subluxation, massage, and even the safe and gentle method of spinal decompression. Get all the professional help from an expert at ChiroCarolina. Dr Ferzaan Ali will answer all questions to help you make an informed decision.

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