It’s unfortunate that so many people suffer from neck pain and chiropractic care is a helpful option that they do not take advantage of. Neck pain is one of the reasons many people visit their medical professional each year. But, chiropractic care can provide pain relief and long-term solutions for people suffering from neck pain.

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Most of us will experience some sort of neck pain in our lives, and women are more susceptible to this type of pain than men. Pain medication can help relieve some pain, but many patients find that pain medication does not solve the underlying problem causing the neck pain. Additionally, many patients find that pain medication can cause annoying side effects. However, chiropractic care at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte, NC is a non-invasive and drug free option for neck pain relief.

Chiropractic care can help neck pain

Are you fed up with traditional neck pain treatment options available at your doctor’s office? If so, a chiropractor may be able to help you relieve the pain and also can provide long-term solutions. During your first visit to the chiropractor, the chiropractor will ask a variety of questions to help determine how the intensity of your neck pain. Also, a chiropractor will be able to determine if your neck pain is the result of a serious issue like scoliosis, or an injury; it could even be caused by a progressive deterioration related to aging.

While chiropractors and physicians may ask similar questions, a chiropractor will also likely ask questions relating to general health. If there is pain in a patient’s shoulder or arm, as well as neck, a chiropractor may be able to determine the underlying issue. By treating the underlying issue, the chiropractor will relieve the pain and prevent future neck pain.

Drug-free treatment with neck pain and chiropractic care

While you may get pain medication from a traditional doctor, a chiropractor in Charlotte NC will focus on drug-free therapy. This means, that the chiropractor will use spinal manipulation and adjustments as part of a treatment program. The chiropractor will use their hands to treat subluxations. Subluxations occur when one or more vertebrae are out of position—this creates pressure and irritation of the spinal nerves. Spinal manipulation can fix the subluxation. This can help relieve the neck pain—all without medication.

Chiropractors may suggest home-based care

Not only will a chiropractor treat patients in the office, they may suggest home-based care. This can include an ice pack to reduce inflammation. A chiropractor ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte, NC may also suggest lifestyle changes that can help aid healing and relieve neck pain. Sometimes small changes can prevent neck pain from becoming chronic. When people with neck pain and chiropractic care make lifestyle changes, they see a huge increase in their quality of life.

If you have neck pain and chiropractic care seems like a good option for you, be sure to discuss how a chiropractor at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte, NC can help you with pain relief and treatment.


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