Reaching over head with both arms and hands while standing up for thirty (30) seconds every thirty (30) minutes are simple microbreaks to ease possible muscular imbalances caused by sitting all day, driving for long hours, or just watching the television. Proper sitting postures would also help in preventing muscular imbalances.

Asking the patient to sit toward the front of a chair with feet hip-width apart and pointed straight ahead is the simplest way to observe sitting positions and evaluate sitting postures. The patients must sit upright, the pelvis rolling forward for ten (10) to twenty (20) seconds. They should be able to generate the movement from the pelvis rather than just pulling their shoulders back. Seeing whether their legs remain hip-width or they adduct to generate hip reflexion, if they deviate to the right or left and does the trunk move anterior or posterior over the hips are very important observations draw proper conclusions and generate fit corrective exercises.

The maintenance of the normal spinal curve while sitting is beneficial but improper sitting postures like sitting at computers with improper screen height assumes a forward head position with kyphosis of the thoracic spine increases the incidence of neck and shoulder trigger points, pain and shoulder muscle activity alterations. Individuals may be prone to conditions like scapulothoracic or shoulder impingement syndromes if not properly assessed and corrected.

Most people are unaware if they are observing proper postures or in a position that can cause the deformation of tissues. Microbreaks is an opportunity for our body muscles to relax and regain proper shapes. Squeezing the shoulder blades together for at least twenty (20) seconds and repeating twice or three times is a simple microbreak for driving. Cervical range of motion, and shoulder retraction with elevation and depression are also possible driving microbreaks. It is encouraged to change car seat position every thirty minutes.

Dr. Ali of ChiroCarolina® suggests that the proper sitting position while on the road would be sitting up against the back of the seat, adjusting the seat-pan length, adjusting the backrest up and down according to comfort level. Adjusting the hips to be level and square, drawing in toward the spine your belly button, maintaining a level chin while lightly pushing the head against the head rest, left foot firmly on the floor, set the scapulae slightly, reach the steering wheel at 9 o’clock and keep your foot on the gas pedal.

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