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Chiropractic care for your mid-back pain

When patients visit their Charlotte NC chiropractors for mid back pain, they often have no idea what is causing it. They just know it hurts when they turn, twist, or bend. Mid back pain, as is the case with lower back pain as well, could be due to many causes. Had the patient had received a blunt force to the mid back region; the origin of his back pain would be obvious. In the absence of a direct trauma or injury to the back, a Charlotte chiropractor would investigate to see whether the mid back pain originates in the spine, either above or below the area in question.

Chiropractic examination for mid back pain

Our spines works as a unit. Your thoracic spine, or mid back, is connected to your ribs; therefore, any injury to your chest or ribs could affect your mid back. Muscles between your ribs extend from the front of the ribs to the middle of your back, where they attach to the spine. Sometimes an injury can occur when you twist and bend sideways while lifting or pushing something. This injury can sometimes cause difficulty taking full breaths. Examination into the cause of mid back pain often reveals a lower back misalignment, or in some cases, a lower neck misalignment. Misalignments in either area can contribute to mid back pain. Caring Charlotte chiropractors like those at ChiroCarolina®.

Charlotte chiropractic care can help with the back pain

Once the source of your mid back pain is discovered, chiropractic care can begin. Typically, Charlotte chiropractors begin adjustment procedures by applying specific pressure to the ribs and spine. Ice may be used to help reduce the swelling associated with a rib injury. Aside from this gentle manipulation, massage, electric stimulation, and hot or cold compress might also be applied, depending on your situation. At ChiroCarolina®, your experienced chiropractor will also offer tips on activities to avoid, such as sitting hunched over the computer or in front of the TV, overstretching, lifting heavy objects and avoiding stress. Follow-up care is an important aspect of chiropractic care, along with at-home care, to improve your mid-back pain and improve your overall health.

Repair your spine and restore your health with the care of a Charlotte chiropractor

Chiropractic care for mid back pain seeks first to relieve your pain, and continues on to strengthen your mid back to alleviate the causes of your mid back pain. You will learn easy exercises to do at home which help strengthen the large muscles in your mid back, between the shoulder blades. This helps to balance tightness in the front of your shoulders and your chest. Your Charlotte chiropractor does not stop at ridding you of your back pain; chiropractic care extends into achieving spinal and core strength that is vital to your overall health and wellbeing.

Mid back pain can be debilitating, and have a devastating effect on Charlotte NC patients. Contact ChiroCarolina® for gentle and caring chiropractic care. There is no need to suffer mid back pain any longer!


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